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6 Career Skills to Consider Retraining for in 2021

Whatever the reason behind your career change, retraining is a great way to increase your skill set, try something new, and broaden your horizons.

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Whatever the reason behind your career change, retraining is a great way to increase your skill set, try something new, and broaden your horizons.

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You are never too old to upskill and learn something new. Whether you want to tackle some great training courses or you are keen to increase your knowledge, you are not alone! 

People of all ages are retraining this year, as lockdown has effectively forced many of us to look for new ways to fill the hours of the day. And what better way is there to do exactly that than learn something new? 

People love to learn after all. So, whether you are looking to try an entirely new career or are hoping to retrain for a job now you’re in your fifties, below are some excellent career skills to set your mind on this year.

Graphic Design 

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Finding a job during the pandemic is becoming increasingly hard and unemployment is at an all-time high. Therefore, to achieve your career goals and find employment that suits you, the best thing you can do is get training! 

Graphic design is a great skill to have and can be applied to numerous careers. There are many courses available online, from Photoshop to Adobe Suite, that you can quickly and easily add to your repertoire during your time in lockdown. 

Not only is it great having a brand-new challenge but, the more training you have, the more attractive you will be to a new employer.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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With the coronavirus pandemic closing workplaces, shops, and schools, much of our lives are now carried out online. From meetings and school lessons to shopping and entertainment, more people are online than ever before.

Training yourself up in SEO and Digital Marketing is a great way to keep ahead in a rapidly growing industry. SEO is essential for any company’s online success and employers are always searching for people who can optimize websites successfully. 

By training in SEO, you can help businesses reach their full potential, using your new-found skills to either help the company you are already in or explore a whole host of new career opportunities.

Cybersecurity Professional

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Cybersecurity is arguably one of the most future-proof jobs available. Every year, online threats to businesses and governments increase resulting in an ever-increasing need for cybersecurity experts.  

If you have an interest in computers and have a logical mindset, cybersecurity could be the career for you. 

There are numerous online courses you can take to acquire the necessary qualifications, or there are entry-level positions available if you simply want to test the waters out beforehand. 

Construction Worker

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The construction industry is always in need of construction workers, particularly as house building targets continue to rise in response to the UK’s growing housing crisis. 

The more niche areas of construction particularly worth training for include plumbing and electrical, as they are always in high demand. The industry has a relatively large number of apprenticeships available so you can train while you on the job.

One of the many attractions of retraining in the construction industry is that there are many ways to do so. All you have to do is decide which route suits you best – whether it be an apprenticeship, a degree, or an entry-level position.

Artificial Intelligence Expert

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is really taking off, causing a lot of job demand. However, as AI is relatively new there aren’t a whole lot of people trained in this area. By training to become an artificial intelligence expert, you could upskill in a niche area and soon become a specialist in your field. Especially if you enjoy software development, the AI industry would certainly be of interest to you.

The really exciting thing about training in AI is that jobs in this field didn’t exist a decade ago! The possibilities of AI are endless, and it is a field that is continuously growing, providing a lot of potential. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative assistance to companies, schools, or anyone needing help with routine tasks. If you are naturally organized and good at developing processes, retraining as a virtual assistant could be the right path for you.

What’s more, as a virtual assistant you will avoid the rush-hour commute and earn an income without having to leave your home. 

While you may require some computer training to manage the tasks of being a virtual assistant with confidence, you should be able to step into a role like this with ease.

Final Thoughts…

Retraining at any stage of life is very exciting and the possibilities are endless. Whatever the reason behind your career change, retraining is a great way to increase your skill set, try something new, and broaden your horizons. And, with so many fantastic online courses available, it is never too late to retrain and find that rewarding new career. 

Good luck on your next adventure!

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