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7 things to consider when trying to re-enter the job market

This month's Guest Blogger is author and speaker Paul Thandi. Take note of Paul's tips for reentering the job market.

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This month's Guest Blogger is author and speaker Paul Thandi. Take note of Paul's tips for reentering the job market.

The best mind to dress ourselves with, when we begin the quest to return to the job market is that change has been happening. We find ourselves in this search too often and the reasons as to why we left the job market vary widely. Some reasons could be of more advantage than others and hence eases the hustle. But if we build a monument on this reasons and not focus on the solution, the quest could take much longer.

So what are this things we need to armour ourselves with to earn some leverage?

By accepting that change has taken place and we have to keep up. The solution is half solved. The immediate thing to look for next is, things that have changed, to what percent and by how much. The solution lays stronger in the details. The thorough our search is the better we’re equipped with information.

Say you left work to develop personal projects and for some reasons you want to get back to the job market. Let me make a point clearer. Either employed or self-employed we’re in the job market. The situations is what differ. On both sides we depend on the full function of all agents that support the business. From finance, marketing to simple book keeping. When the flow is in harmony then results are balanced.

When getting back to this quest for a slot in the job market, it’s good to understand that that one opportunity has many candidates. Actually I see employment as getting people, goods and services to help put the segments of self-employment together is bigger quantity. Meaning what now has departments was what someone once did alone in smaller quantity.

Put your history together

A curriculum vitae for someone searching for employment and a company profile are the same pair of tools in different formats. What you have accomplished in the past is the only evidence that you can do what is requested today. If the same can be creatively brought together then it an amour ticked in. No one has a story that can be told like yours, even if you were twins. Our small details of preferences, favorites and orientations. To the wider differences of our childhood miles or continents away, our small victories. Can you sell that story?

Humanize that document, that first interaction. We could all have graduated from the same campus, but amongst the people I begun with in primary school we just made it a handful of us. That unique edge, can you use it to sell your goods or services. You need to become an ambassador of your own brand.

Where did the gears shift?

Every area of any career is affected by unavoidable factors like technology and development. This ground changes need to be adjusted to, before the opportunity avails itself. Do some research online see what software and applications are aiding what you want to get into. At this moment I think even taking personal notes have been upgraded to strong applications like Evernote. Things that have taken time to build to just organize your personal data. Then downplaying career change in those areas is only ignorance. Buy a drink for that person who is doing the same thing you want to get into. People are willing to share this insights, we just need to ask. YouTube is full of credible audiovisual materials to aid in almost all areas.

Utilize your networks

Have you ever been like three towns away from home and then randomly you end up with someone you see once in a while around home, and you say hi when you can. That day for those few hours you will catchup like old buddies. Familiarity ease the process. If your previous work was credible then that previous work will speak on your behalf. Present that and use it as a leverage. Use previous clients to seek new ones, visit previous clients for some recommendations. There is always somewhere we can spring from.

Daily schedule

Most of the time the pressure to deliver modifies our working schedule. What we do during that time there is no pressure then determines how our experience will be. If it’s a shift to employment, then we need to give our habits time to catchup on routine and productive hours without monitor. It is much tougher to the self-employed. The mirage of time freedom can bring quite some delay and a lot of procrastinations.

Change in personal time

How we spend personal time determines the quality of our working time. If we spend it wisely we can sustain the quality of our output. Rest is part of work. A lot of time will be spend on learning adjusting and sustaining the system. Previous ratio of free time will be squeezed.

Keep up with the look

Don’t change how you look, but look the best you can. You are always representing what you sell. It is easy to dismiss a product because of how it’s presented and yet allow others to get our attention. Personal grooming contributes a lot to the first impression.

Consider, not forgetting the plan

This and many other things we spend TIME looking for must be part of main picture. I think this is the deepest motivation when things go south. One is able to sooth themselves with the belief that what we are chasing will finally become ours. If we all knew what tomorrow holds, it could be easier, but this is life. We will get a whole stuck of “NO” but because we believe in our dreams we will knock the next door and the one after.



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Paul Thandi is an author and a speaker focusing on personal development and life coaching. "My target result is developing practical life solutions. My biggest quest is, how do we live by our own terms through life."


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