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Answering ‘why do you want this job?’ question in an interview

Treat this as a pitch, where you are pitching yourself to the employer

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Treat this as a pitch, where you are pitching yourself to the employer

An interview is nerve-wracking no matter how old you are. It always has a way of intimidating even the best of us. A simple question can cost you a job no matter how good your credentials are. Either way, you must show your potential employers that you stand out in what you do. Here are some tips on answering ‘why do you want this job’ question in an interview like a pro.

1.    The company

What excites you about that particular company? For example, if you want to work at company X, talk about the exciting things that you have admired. Talk about the nice things you envision yourself doing at your new workplace. Take time to research the company and what makes it an ideal workplace for you.

2.    Career

How will the job impact your career? Is it an opportunity for growth? Talk about how the job will spur growth in your career. Explain how the position will give you a chance to further your knowledge in the field and even teach you more valuable skills for your career. For instance, a job as a Sales supervisor will help you further your career if you currently work as a sales representative.

3.    Skills and expertise

What skills are you offering your employer? Mention all the skills that make you the right fit for the job. The best way to know what skills are relevant is to go through the job description. Think about what the employer needs and how you can meet their needs. Treat this as a pitch, where you are pitching yourself to the employer.

Next time when you have an interview, remember the tips above, and they will be of great help in your job search. Read common interview questions you should prepare for. 

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Kelvin Mokaya

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