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Friends Give You Opinions, a Career Coach Gives You Facts

Here’s every reason you need to get career advice from a career coach and not friends.

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Here’s every reason you need to get career advice from a career coach and not friends.

There are two things we can’t live without – friends and of course oxygen. Friends offer us a place to vent our frustrations whether it’s about relationships gone wrong or workplace trauma caused by that hard to get along boss or colleague. However convenient it might be to always reach out to friends for advice, relying on them to make major decisions in your life is not the best choice. Here’s why you should seek expert advice as opposed your friends’ advice.

Facts over opinions

When it comes to matters related to your career, you should never at any point take the risk of getting unprofessional advice. If you are searching for career advice, look for someone who has a broad and successful experience in your particular problem area. A career coach has the expertise and experience to help you make the right career decisions.

What worked for your friends might not work for you. Friends might be a great resource of wisdom and connections. Their advice most of the time is opinion based and influenced by their personal experiences or what they have seen others do.

Professional advice vs emotional appeal

You should be able to know the difference between emotional support and advice. It’s a good thing that your friends will always have you back and interest at heart, their emotional support will make it easier for you to see your initiatives through. On the other hand, professional advice is focal in helping you make a difficult or important decision. Friends’ advice may be bias since it only appeals to the emotional side of your issue.

Friends will be like, “If you don’t like the job just quit. You’ll get another one before you know it.” Follow that advice at your peril; you could find yourself jobless, broke and without a friend.

You should get it all

During job searching, you might become vulnerable due to anxiety and fear. A career coach is in a better position to give you professional insights that will give you confidence and encouragement as compared to your friends.

What career advice given by a friend do you regret following? 

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Kelvin Mokaya

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