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How Fuzu has put me on the right track

Based on my initial skepticism I would encourage people to join Fuzu- and you might be shocked how much you were missing out on.

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Based on my initial skepticism I would encourage people to join Fuzu- and you might be shocked how much you were missing out on.

The journey is as important as the destination. Besides, success is a journey. Moses Mutha, a Logistics Officer by profession understands this very well. Ever since this upbeat chap hit the ‘sign up’ button on Fuzu, he has been on a self-discovery journey. A job interview here a free course there, all these setting him up for success.

We caught up with him and here is how it went.

How did you join Fuzu and what was your first impression?

I used to see Fuzu guys who had pitched a tent around Mr. Price near ambassador in the Nairobi CBD like almost a year or more back. 

However, I used to wonder whether a job sourcing company would go this extra mile and even market themselves this publicly. I thought there has to be something wrong, either they are con artists or just something nasty haha… But anyway, even after that first time seeing them I kept thinking about checking them out online and that how I ended up signing up out of curiosity.

It was surprising that after logging in the first few months I was able to land a job interview and my fears faded away and ever since been always using it for more than job search to doing online skills enhancement courses that it offers.

You must have previously tried out other platforms and job search methods. How different would you say Fuzu is from the rest?

Fuzu is quite an interesting platform as it has always connected me to jobs I always dreamt of doing. Also, the way they tailor make their news feed and customise their online employability courses amazes me. It has helped me navigate a couple of challenges across my work life.

Having successfully secured a number of job interviews through Fuzu but no job offers yet, what would you say has held you back? 

Of course, I have been disappointed a lot but I try as much not to dwell on those opportunities I didn’t get. I learn as fast and always try to do it better the next time. 

In your own words, you said, “Fuzu has helped me secure high-level interviews and taught me a lot on the need for self-branding.” How important would you say learning is for your continuous personal and professional development?

The learning modules have very much enlightened me as have the job interviews. Through them, I have learnt how to ensure my personal brand -which is me- keeps growing .That I  am valuable and all I need is just to know how to place my worth in an increasingly fast paced and  competitive 21st century work environment as a young person.

What are the main challenges that you have faced in your search for employment and building a career? And how have you overcome them?

Being a millennial, a lot of people always want you to follow traditional work routines which some really don’t augur well with us most young people.

To beat this - you try not to come out as arrogant but to be as creative as you can in whatever workspace you are in. Grab as much as you can and make it work for you.

Also, the reason why we are unable to solve most challenges posed at work is due to our inability to learn how to simplify the process into manageable chunks hence achieve results easily.

Finally, there is a secret in finding that one person at your work place that can sharpen you and be your mentor.

Why the switch in careers from people-centric roles such as customer and community service to a logistics officer? 

Most opportunities that life has afforded me have all been centred in the logistics field. Before I even graduated right from my second year of university- I used to go for internships every holiday session at DHL and this in turn made me have a passion for Logistics and supply chain.

I can’t say have really deviated from Customer oriented jobs as my daily tasks involves aspects of customer satisfaction.

Why should anyone looking to build a career be on Fuzu?

Hmmh… based on my initial skepticism I would encourage people to join Fuzu- and you might be shocked how much you were missing out on.

On the flip side, if a person really whether employed or not wants to keep up with the trends of an increasingly changing and competitive work set up globally- then fuzu is one place that one can build themselves – get themselves covered not just now but years to come too.

They say, ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life,’ where does your passion lie?  

Self-awareness is a very key aspect that a lot of us miss out on. However, I have over the years discovered that I am a people’s person as I am sociable and easy to deal with. Thus, I always try to make those around me be better. This because if you are working in a team and your colleague feels unaware of what is needed to be achieve, and no one assists them- we all fail. So, at times it only takes one person to step up and ensure no one loses out in the team- I try to do this always.

Additionally, I enjoy doing public speaking and recently at my workplace I have been assisting our CS team to do in house training on various Customer Service aspects- which has really helped boost people outlook of their work life generally.

What’s your dream career and how are you working towards it?

My dream is to one day be a Personal Brand Development consultant- which heavily revolves around helping people build their personal brands as each one of us is a brand of their own.

My first step so far has been to work on a mentorship program for youths-together with two outstanding Lawyers Carol and Dorcas- who have grown up in disadvantaged backgrounds like the one I was born in and now work smart to achieve their goals without letting their past be a set back!

Any parting shots? 

Thank you FUZU team for the enlightenment you have enabled me to get so far. You guys have made me learn that our achievements are only as limited as we imagine them to be!


Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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