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How to dress for a job interview

So you got that call for a job interview. Great!

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So you got that call for a job interview. Great!

Of course, now you will need to do your homework: read about the company, prepare for the toughest questions and all that jazz, BUT, especially the ladies know that the real challenge is…OMG, WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR??

The moment you step in front of the interview panel is when you create that crucial first impression. This sets the mood for the rest of the interview. If you fail to look neat and groomed, you will have a harder time convincing the panel of your motivation and capabilities.  

Your attire should balance both the type of work and organisation that you are interviewing for as well as your own persona. If you have applied to a more conservative industry, such as a bank, then something more formal is better. However, be careful for not overdoing it. 

Quoting a HR consultant interviewed in this Citizen TV clip...

"Dress to impress, not to dazzle."


If your field is more unconventional and creative, such as advertising or web design, then you will want to wear something less formal. Again, remember to keep it within good taste. 



As the final piece of advice: Always wear something that you feel comfortable in, and that lets you focus 100% on the interview. You don’t want to be distracted by too tight shoes, gravity defying heels or any other wardrobe malfunction.


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