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How to make a good first impression at job interviews

You have a 10-second window to make your first impression.

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You have a 10-second window to make your first impression.

Excitement and nervousness are feelings you can relate to very well if you have been invited to a job interview before. While you might be spending most of your time preparing for the bulk part of the interview- questions to ask and how to answer questions, you’d be surprised at how important the first impression you make is. And here’s the caveat, you have a 10-second window to make your first impression.

Check out these tips (besides how to dress for job interviews) that will help set you up for a successful job interview.


Great power lies in a simple smile. It is one of the most important facial cues that determine how people interact with you. in addition to making you look attractive and approachable, smiling makes you look relaxed, reliable, honest and intelligent. Scientific research has also proven that smiling reduces stress. It will therefore be a nice way to reduce some of that interview nervousness.

Eye contact and firm handshake

Eyes are a reflection of your inner self. Eyes play an integral part in communication, they reflect sincerity and comfort to the person you are communicating with. In addition, to maintaining eye contact when communicating, make sure your handshake is firm enough to express confidence.

Elevator pitch

This may come right after introductions. A short and well-crafted elevator pitch will help you get your foot in the door. You should be able to narrate the story of your career journey leading to up to where you are. The positions you held and how those experiences have shaped you to be the better candidate. While at it, speak clearly in a competent and confident way.

Small talk

Small talk is one of the easiest way to create a good rapport with your interviewer. It doesn’t have to be cliché for example asking what they think about the day’s weather. You can talk about how impressed you were to see them win awards. Showing a common interest will help you create a connection.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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