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How to Prepare for an Interview When You've Been Headhunted by a Recruiter

If you have been headhunted for an interview, you made an excellent first impression. So, how do you impress the recruiter? Let's dive in!

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If you have been headhunted for an interview, you made an excellent first impression. So, how do you impress the recruiter? Let's dive in!

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Have you ever wondered how headhunting works? Headhunters are middlemen who connect potential candidates to an employer. The employer then interviews the candidates and employs them when all goes well. But the question that must be running through your mind is - How do you get headhunted for an interview? How does the headhunter know that you are searching for a job?

How to be headhunted

What can you do to get the attention of a headhunter? Below are some ideas that will get you started and possibly get you headhunted and called to an interview.


  1. Make your presence visible: You need to have a visible online and social presence. For you to be headhunted on Fuzu, your profile has to be well filled with your skills and accomplishments and visible to employers. You must also work on your social life. Purpose to attend social forums that will get you noticed, such as industry conferences, seminars, and forums, among other functions. If you target a specific headhunter, you can look out for seminars and conferences they sponsor. Headhunters usually scheme through the attendance list after the event. List down your contact details, title, and full name on the attendance list.
  2. Be informed: As you build your presence, broaden your interests. There is so much more to learn out there. Don't limit your knowledge and skills to your career and industry. You can take online courses to prepare for an interview or to spice up your job application. You don't even have to go back to school to learn; do it from the comfort of your home or office.
  3. Networking: Making meaningful connections during seminars and other industry events will help you in the long run. Please don't hold back from giving out your card because it's the fastest and easiest way to get headhunted for an interview. Networking and being friendly will make you an ally to someone who will help you professionally in the future.

So, if the above ideas help you get headhunted for an interview, you have to go the extra mile and show the recruiter that they made a good decision. The only way you can do this is by preparing thoroughly. And how exactly can you do this? Let's see!

1. Take it seriously

Just because you have been headhunted for an interview doesn't mean that you automatically have the job. You still have to earn it. Take the interview seriously. Fight the urge to be causal or assume that the interview is just a formality. That interview will determine if you will get to have an interview with the employer or not. So, as you prepare, pay attention to your cues, body language, and answers during the meeting. Assume that the employer is interviewing you. Dress professionally, keep time, make eye contact, prepare, and be confident.

2. Be honest

When you are headhunted, keep in mind that the recruiter might help you get other jobs. So it will benefit you if you are honest about your skills and qualifications. If you are not the right fit for the headhunted position, don't alter your qualifications and skills to fit the requirements for the job. Be honest with the recruiter during the interview and build trust to give the recruiter an excellent first impression and might get you headhunted for another position in another Company.

3. Learn how to answer personal questions

When you are headhunted for an interview, rest assured that the recruiter already knows about your skills and qualifications, meaning that the recruiter will know more about you during the interview. They will want to know everything else that is not on your resume or cover letter. The recruiter will peak into your personality, culture, and interests. Don't let these questions throw you off. Be open and honest when answering these personal interview questions. Keep in mind that the recruiter wants to understand your values and goals to ensure that they are in line with the culture of the Company. Remember that the headhunted candidate will affect the reputation of the recruiter. So the recruiter will go above and beyond to ensure that they have made a suitable recommendation.


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4. Show your passion and confidence

A headhunted candidate is supposed to impress the employer during the interview. Enthusiasm for the job will increase the recruiter's confidence in you, so don't hold back. If you have good credentials and you don't seem interested, the recruiter may not recommend you to the employer. The recruiter will assume that your attitude will not convince the employer to hire you, which will waste time and resources for both the recruiter and the employer. The recruiter's reputation is on the line. Demonstrate your commitment by being enthusiastic about understanding and meshing with the Company's culture. You can prepare a list of questions that you can list down to ask the recruiter during the interview.

5. Prepare a list of questions to ask the recruiter during the interview

Asking questions is a good strategy for getting someone to give you enough information. When you are headhunted for an interview, the recruiter may not give you all the information. It's up to you to get the information out of them before the interview. Think about asking questions like:

  • What created the job vacancy?

  • How long has the position been vacant?

  • What is the salary range?

  • Is there a test I should prepare for?

  • What qualities are they looking for?

  • How many people are interviewing for the position?

  • What is the interview process like?

  • Which skills should I highlight in my resume?

6. Read publications within your industry

Impress the recruiter by mastering knowledge about your industry; this is the time to show your expertise. Please don't take this interview casually because it is your only chance to secure an interview with the employer. If you fail to impress the recruiter, you might not get another chance. Read related publications and use that information to start a conversation during the interview. Including examples of recent issues in your industry will get the attention of the headhunter during the interview. Most interviews revolve around the candidate; take the attention away from by highlighting the issues facing your industry.


If you are headhunted for an interview, prepare yourself for an extensive screening process by the recruiter. Your resume will get you the interview, but your preparation will get you an interview with the employer. Set yourself apart by demonstrating your knowledge, skills, passion, values, and you will eventually get the job.

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