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More than 160,000 jobs available... KNBS hiring for census

Find all the trending stories on the Fuzu News Centre.

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Find all the trending stories on the Fuzu News Centre.

Fuzu News Centre: week of 10th June

You know how we catch up every Friday! We give you updates on all the business stories that happened during the week to keep you informed. Be sure to find all the trending stories on the ‘Fuzu News Centre’. Here is your week in rewind.


More than 160,000 jobs available... KNBS hiring for the census

Mind-boggling figure, right? That’s the number of enumerators, content supervisors and ICT supervisors that will be hired by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics to carry out the census exercise. The Ministry of Finance has budgeted Ksh. 18.5 billion to run the national census. Data collection will be done through mobile devices unlike the ancient methods of paperwork. This news couldn’t have come at a better time for the unemployed youth, as this is an ideal short time gig.

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Kshs. 1 billion allocated to pay interns

Kenya’s National Assembly through the Budget Appropriation Committee (BAC) revised the budget for the year to include 1 billion shillings for hiring interns who will earn a Kshs. 25,000 per month. This was done to enable the Public Service Commission hire fresh graduates in every constituency. This aims to reduce the immense level of unemployment to the youth.

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Fraudsters take advantage of unemployed youth

An investigation is underway to establish how 81 Kenyans were taken advantage of by scammers who pretended to be United Nations and government officials. The fraudsters swindled the unsuspecting youth from Trans Nzoia approximately 2 million shillings. The victims were asked to pay 27,000 shillings for training after undergoing a rigorous recruitment and interview process at their chiefs’ offices.

In as much as things might look grime out there, don’t let anyone take you for a ride. Get your job opportunities from trusted sources.

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Our client, Twiga Foods just made a billionaire friend!

The Mulliez, one of the leading richest families in the world, through their farm Creadev Investments, has staked $ 5 Million on Twiga Foods Ltd geared on improving their service delivery in supporting the small-scale farmers in Kenya.

Twiga Foods Ltd has been on the verge by completing the ecosystem by linking the farmers and vendors in a fair and trusted cashless payments system. They aim to cut numerous middlemen with Creadev growing their equity through a buyout. Go Twiga!

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Celebrity Rolex

A roll of Chapati and Fried Eggs, Rolex, a famous delicacy in the streets of Uganda is celebrated every year. Rolex Initiative was launched in 2015 geared towards providing employment to the youth and creation of a culture in the country. This year’s event aimed in running sensitization on hygiene.

“The biggest problem we see now with the youth who are involved in the Rolex business is hygiene. So this year’s activations for the festival will focus on majorly hygiene,” said Enid Mirembe, the CEO of Rolex Initiative.

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In other news...The Office ‘grand prix’ - office chair racing

Well, here is something you can do at the office to goof around. Hundreds of competitors wheeled through the streets of Hanyu, Japan as part of the annual office chair racing. The race which was founded 10 years ago inspired by Formula One and Le Mans endurance racing features teams of three racing on ordinary office chairs to complete the most laps of the 200-metre course in a two-hour period.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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