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Pre-employment tests: how to prepare

All you need to do is be well prepared and give it your best.

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All you need to do is be well prepared and give it your best.

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Once you know the different types of employment tests, the next step is to know how best to prepare. One can’t predict how a test will be, but preparation will help you achieve a better outcome. With pre-employment test, there are no right or wrong answers.

All you need to do is be well prepared and give it your best. In this two-part series, we highlight the type of test you should expect (part 1) and how you should prepare. Here are some steps that can help you do that:


Before starting an exam, there is a timetable given so that students can know which test they would begin with. The same applies with the pre-employments test. The first step is to familiarize yourself on which test you would be taking. Is it an aptitude, personality or skills test? Whatever the case be in the know about it.

Research & practice

Take a practice tests beforehand to enable you identify difficult questions. The more you practice the more you are able to recognize the format and types of questions to be asked. Be sure to research on the company and what skills the job requires. The company could ask questions based on that.


Being truthful with your answers and provide accurate responses. If you decide to cheat your way into getting the job, eventually you will get caught and won’t last long at the company. The last thing you want to do is leave a bad impression. To avoid this, just be true to who are. If the job is meant for you then you will get it. 

Be confident

When you receive a call that you need to take a test as part of the interview, be calm and confident. Don’t panic or fear. Get a goodnight sleep and arrive early. The test is part of the process, just do the best you can and have a positive attitude.

Know the time limit

The test can be done in person or online. Either way, there will be a time limit as to how long you need to complete it. Read and listen to the instructions carefully. To save time you can start with the easy questions first. Then with the remaining time you can go back and solve the more challenging problems. Avoid rushing through the questions just to finish. Focus on giving detailed and accurate answers instead.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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