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The Right Way to Follow up After a Job Interview (with examples)

Candidates lose out on opportunities because of their reluctance to make follow-ups after job interviews. Here are examples of how you should make an effective follow-up and when.

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Candidates lose out on opportunities because of their reluctance to make follow-ups after job interviews. Here are examples of how you should make an effective follow-up and when.

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Atafutaye hachoki is an ancient Swahili Proverb, which translates into he who seeks does not get tired. Although for job seekers getting tired may come as a result of an assumption that their fate lies at the mercy of interviewers. Over time, job seekers have stereotypically accepted that upon the completion of a job interview, it is the responsibility of a hiring manager to call back. But what happens if the call does not come, as it most of the time doesn't?

Candidates lose out on opportunities because of their reluctance to make follow-ups after a job interview. Your main objective as a candidate is to not only attend an interview but also create a memorable impact during and after an interview. If the hiring company has a favourable candidate in mind, don't you think you deserve to be on their minds too?

Contrary to what many might perceive, the interviewing process is not an avenue where job hunters convene to compete on who is more desperate for a job, but a space of learning and gaining insights on the company and the role you are applying for. This article therefore seeks to highlight effective ways of creating a memorable impact after a job Interview by making follow-ups. 

Below are instances of how you should make an effective follow-up and when. 


1. Write a thank you note

A thank you note should be the first follow-up after a job interview. It mainly shows that you are grateful, thoughtful and appreciative of the interview process. A thank you note should depict the following elements; 


  • Gratitude for the interviewer's time 

  • Appreciation for gaining more information and insight into the position and company

  • Enthusiasm for your role 


Dear (insert the Hiring Manager's name),

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me [state the date/day]. I was impressed by [list the things that impressed you]. Our conversation reinforced my enthusiasm to join your company and help you achieve (list some of the roles of your would-be job position). I look forward to working together in the future.

Thanks, and Regards,

(Your Name)


2. The follow-up note

If the hiring manager does not get back to you within the specified time period, then it would be wise to send a follow-up note within three days after the stated date. 


Dear (insert the Hiring Manager's name),

With regards to my interview which took place on (insert date) for (insert job position),  I was wondering if you had updates to share about the position. Of the companies I have engaged with, I was impressed with your commitment to the training and development of your staff. I feel that this growth mindset is a good fit to my career goals.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. I am excited about the opportunity to work with you. 

Thanks and Regards, 

(Insert your name)


3. The exception note

You can only send an exception note when there is a significant change in your resume between the time of the interview and the date the hiring manager said they will get back to you. The significant change may include things like, receiving a better offer from another company, or perhaps when there is a publication to your name. In case of such changes, you may write to inform the hiring manager. Such significant improvements may increase your chances of being considered as the ultimate candidate. 


Dear (insert the Hiring Manager's name),

I wanted to follow up with you on my interview on (date) for (position). Since then, I have received a job offer from another firm. However, your dynamic leadership in the field of (area) along with your zeal to develop the careers of your employees gives me the thrill of working with your firm. If you have news about the position, I would like to know as I evaluate the offer  I am considering.

Thanks and Regards,

(Insert your name) 


4. The feedback note

For communication to be complete there has to be feedback. If you were not offered the job yet you feel like the interview went well, then you should send a note asking for feedback on the Interview. Ask about the areas that you may need to improve on.  Be brief and thank the interviewer once again. Also, highlight that you need constructive criticism. 


Dear (insert the Hiring Manager's name),

Despite not getting the job offer following my interview which took place on (insert date) for the role of (insert job position), I enjoyed our conversation. However, I was hoping that you could give me feedback on my interview. What worked and what did not work. Any suggestions you would give me will be highly appreciated. 

Thanks and Regards. 

(Insert your name)



It is advisable that when making these follow-ups, do not make calls or pay a visit to the hiring manager unless they told you it's okay to do so. Otherwise, make the follow-ups via email. You should also observe that the follow-up emails are kept short and objective in order to avoid unnecessary wordings that may corrupt your information. Also, maintain a high level of professionalism while making inquiries. Aside from that, job-seeking requires patience and persistence, which may equip you with relevant knowledge as you wait to grab an opportunity. 

Best of luck!

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Phil Ibsen

Phill Ibsen is a creative writer, scriptwriter and a storyteller who believes in telling the story as it is and not as it should be. He is the founder of Master of Descriptions, a production company which aims in showcasing authentic stories. He’s also an affiliate writer at the Writers Guild.

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