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The Secret to Hacking Job Seeking and Career Development

With limited access to jobs, career advice and little or no feedback on applications, job seekers need a solution that encompasses all of these challenges.

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With limited access to jobs, career advice and little or no feedback on applications, job seekers need a solution that encompasses all of these challenges.

Whether you are at a fresh graduate, junior professional or senior management level of your career, there are major similarities in what you are looking for, and hoping to achieve.

Sarah, 24, graduated in January this year. As soon as she got her transcript, she started the searching for a job. Almost 6 months down the road, only a few of her friends have a job. The rest are like her, still searching. She is happy to do anything at this point. Truth be told, she is not even particularly looking for a paying job. Obviously, that would be nice, but something to grow her skill set, gain her experience and make her CV look ‘good’ is what she is really looking for.

James, 27, is making 2 years at his current job. It is also his first job. In those 2 years, he managed to get a Master’s Degree while working. He is not doing too shabbily, but he wants more. He wants to join a big corporation and move up the proverbial job ladder. He wants a salary raise. He feels it is about time he bought himself a car, and maybe a piece of land. He plans to build a house in the near future.

Katherine, 33, is the head of a department at a small but growing organization. Her firstborn is sitting for P.7 examinations this year. She has her eye on the position of C.E.O in her organization.

What Sarah, James and Katherine have in common is that they are all looking for opportunities for a new job, a better job or a new management challenge to build their careers.

If the employment statistics are an indicator, it is not only difficult to get a job, it is also difficult to move up the ladder on your own. With limited access to jobs, few trusted sources of career advice, little or no feedback on applications, among others, job seekers need a solution that encompasses all of these challenges, and Fuzu is that solution.

Here is why every job seeker/career builder should be on Fuzu;


Fuzu has over 30 employer organizations in Uganda, posting job opportunities. Gone are the days when you had to search on multiple platforms (and the headache that comes with it) to find the job you are looking for. As a job seeker, this gives you access to more job opportunities, which increases your chance at employment.

Feedback on Applications

One of the biggest frustrations that job seekers face is not receiving feedback when they apply for a job. The anxiety that comes with zero closure makes job seeking painful. Imagine if you could receive feedback on the job applications that you apply for? Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, because this is the case when you apply for a job on Fuzu.

Online Courses

As a job seeker, it is important to continue growing your knowledge to give you a competitive advantage. The online courses on Fuzu are free, and recommendations for your area(s) of interest are made to make the decision process easier.

Industry News

A wide range of industry-related news, customized for you, is available for your consumption on Fuzu. This includes job postings that you might have missed out on, content on how to improve your credibility as a job seeker, to mention but a few.

Join Fuzu today, and begin your career journey and get a better chance at employment.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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