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This is what a toxic work environment looks like…

It is true that people don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures.

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It is true that people don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures.

It is true that people don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures. Toxic work environments make great employees quit their jobs and result in the failure of many projects. Wondering if your work environment might be affecting your productivity? Here are a few signs indicate that you work in a toxic environment and a few ways to fix the situation before it’s time to call it quits.

If your boss is ever on your neck, questioning your every move, project or assignment given, it often leads many to lay down their tools. Micromanagement is a negation to your work effort and bears little fruits. If you are still interested in staying in the organization, express your concerns to the relevant authorities to ensure a better work environment for yourself and the organization.

Lack of respect for employees regardless of their positions is often seen as an indication that the company doesn’t value its people as much. Moreover, when you feel sidelined in major projects and/or decisions pertaining to the company, this is a sign that you’ve been belittled. Instead of being a disgruntled worker, handle the situation with maturity and address the matter at hand. Communication is vital.

3.Blame Game
Get this: if your colleague doesn’t complete their work which is linked directly to your department and when questioned, he/she ends up blaming your department for not ‘helping’ him/her accomplish the assignment, this means you’re the one to blame. Such workmates have created a culture where you shoulder their laziness.
Always keep communication on email. Line out roles and record who will take on various tasks. This will always come in handy when a team member tries to play the blame game.

4.Unreasonable pressure to get short-term results
Any arbitrary pressure to get quick results at the expense of the long-term strategy means the company is only focused on progressing fast regardless of its employees. A considerate firm will always put its employees’ wellbeing first before strategizing. Always communicate honesty about reasonable timelines.

5.Lack of appreciation or support
A poor culture for appreciation and support is not healthy for any organization. Your pleas for promotion may often fall on deaf ears, appraisals and even basic support to carry out your tasks. Nonetheless, it might be a great idea for front ideas for incentives that could boost your morale. You would be surprised they may not give you the raise but would be willing to offer incentives.

6.Tribalism, unfairness, and inequity
A company that lacks diversity in employees means it’s employing workers based on prejudice and not appropriate qualifications. Before finding yourself in an organization that does not hold diversity as a major pillar; do some research.

Before sending in your resignation papers, make sure you have explored all avenues. A solution-oriented outlook could change your perspective completely.

This article was originally published on The Sauce by Capital FM. Read the full version here.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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