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Why you should look out for the next job shadowing opportunity

We will be opening the next round of applications early next year. So keep it here for more!

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We will be opening the next round of applications early next year. So keep it here for more!

When we rolled out the first job shadowing program in partnership with social activist and radio personality Adelle Onyango, we did not anticipate it to be this huge! With over 800 applications and more than 30 companies on board, we set out to provide young aspiring professionals with an opportunity to get insights from industry experts in different organizations across Kenya.

Together with Adelle, we held an orientation day with the selected participants and gave them tips for making their job shadowing a learning and exciting experience. Then we sent them to our employer partners like Safe Boda, Big Square and Creide Consulting where they got to be part of the day-to-day activities of those organizations for two weeks or more.  

Two months down the line, we are extremely overwhelmed by the stories from participants like Ann and Elnine who spent their time at Safe Boda gaining hands-on experience at the workplace. These kind of stories motivate us to help you succeed in your career journey. In order to provide you with a similar opportunity to enrich your career, we will be opening the next round of applications early next year. So keep it here for more! 

In the meantime, here’s what some of the participants had to say: 

“I would like to thank the Fuzu team and TeamAdelle for this wonderful opportunity. It has been a wonderful experience that has help improve my work etiquette, research, social media skills and confidence. I am thankful to Creide for their cooperation and mentoring throughout the program for it has been of great assistance.” (Ashley Muma – Creide Consulting)

“I am grateful to Fuzu and TeamAdelle for providing me with an opportunity to be part of the team that is human, fun, witty, fair and works smart. I got to focus on content management and HR which form part of my career path. Starting this week, I have been offered an opportunity to continue working with this team for another two months and I’m excited!” (James Mutinda - Fuzu)

“It was my first time working in a very big company and was able to interact with people of a higher rank. I learnt to manage my time, that I can attend school and still come for the job. I am very humbled to be among the #team adelle members because I learnt not to limit myself in one career path since my course is available in many workplaces.Thank you.” (Jemimah Muli - Big Square)

“The experience has been educative and informative since I have learnt different skills like communication, teamwork, creativity and adaptability. Safeboda community was supportive, we got help when needed and whenever we consulted when having any kind of difficulties.  It was a good experience.” (Elnine Dida - SafeBoda)

“I’d like to thank TeamAdelle, Fuzu and the Creide family for giving me the chance to take part in the job shadow experience. Working at Creide gave me the opportunity to learn new skills such as research, brand marketing strategy and content creation. Creide also taught me how to handle myself in a corporate environment which has helped me gain more confidence in myself when it comes to facing my future employers.” (Cynthia Mumbua - Creide Consulting)

"Over the two weeks, I received high class training, experience, friends and even got to do the company's confidential tasks. A big thank you to the Big Square family, Fuzu Kenya and mostly Adelle for such a great course. Asante." (Marura Clemmence – Big Square)

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Kelvin Mokaya

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