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Your experiences make your CV as an entrepreneur.

How you put the experience pieces together determines your impact. This is the art of telling your story.

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How you put the experience pieces together determines your impact. This is the art of telling your story.

Challenges are part of the entrepreneurial journey. The experiences that you gain through these challenges are actually what your clients will buy. Not how you look smell or your eloquence. Get me right these soft skills are vital, actually, they are the reason you get the opportunity to present yourself. The saddest happening is having made the way to the boardroom and then your C.V only has an introduction and nothing to hold the conversation in place.

This failures that you want to hide will allow you to have a deeper conversation compared to a novice. How you put the experience pieces together determines your impact. This is the art of telling your story. Part of the ladder that has gotten you here is the lessons that come from the challenges of your entrepreneurship. This is the reasons that inspire how you execute your business.

The picture that you have in mind for your business is stitched together gradually. The experiences, both highs and lows are the pieces that bring the image together. It is the very important to keep mapping your progress. I have some points on how we can put our companies profile together to be able to leave the boardrooms with success.

Plan for any upcoming project no matter how many times you have done the same.

With more projects coming in the feeling of familiarity sips in. This is the precipitation of redundancy and stale delivery. If you plan for all the events then you will be alert enough to know what is about to be repeated. Remember you want to showcase creativity in your profile. This means if you are alone or with a team, you will always meet up and plan on the next job.

Document all the details, what you think is important or not.

Nobody knows what you did unless you have evidence. The wow in your mind cannot be transferred to a client you want to win over. High definition photos and videos are key. This is taking your clients to the site while seated there. If you can’t hire a professional utilize the hired one, just tip them for some images and a few clips.

After you have all this data, talk to a professional editor and let them put the items together creatively and with an impression. Presentation is key.

Be present in the making of your company’s face.

As you begin out on the so-called self-employment voyage, you do all the duties from calls, delivery, marketing and any other detail. The day you grow and don’t know what is happening in a certain area, you have begun losing touch and consequently dying off. This are the pillars that hold you onto the place that you are at. If they are not taken care of and often polished then it’s a matter of time before you crumble down. If you don’t do the calls anymore at least know who does it and their schedule. I always have a routine of taking part in the activities of each department, at least fortnightly.

When you are active you will advise your photographer or videographer which angle would look much better and who to maximize coverage on.


Your actions should not be dictated by others but inspired. It is important to listen to them and mostly your clients and competitors. This sets the growth of the industry and your space in it. The response comes with complaints, and this complaint are the lead to what you should be doing and adjusting to. Listening should be louder than your response. The question is, can you be consistent in the midst of criticism and growth.

Keep updating, keep adding value.

If you are not online you don’t exist

At this time in the marketplace, you cannot afford not to be online. In detail, this means that as you develop your profile gradually you need to grow in it with your clients, audiences and everyone online. This is an access point that can be referred to by your clients even without your involvement. Online is a big market without borders and the possibilities are limitless. Get a working online marketing plan or consult on online marketer to develop one for you then you implement.

With these points at your fingertips, growth is a definite achievement. Keep rebranding, restructuring and the profile will face in bit by bit.

Paul Thandi doubles up as an author and a speaker, mastering two fields, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship“I always knew I had an opinion on how everyone can live by their own terms, if only we could invest more informed efforts in developing our selves” It has been a journey finding self and it’s a fulfilment to share the nuggets as an author. As the picture stitches in, he has built a company from his passions.

CEO and Founder Visible Images.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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