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Your Job Search is Just Like Game Of Thrones

Just like winter, jobs are coming.

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Just like winter, jobs are coming.

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It’s one of the biggest TV phenomenons since we watched the hours race for Jack Bauer back in the day on 24. Game of Thrones or GOT for the fans in the know has magic, dragons, scheming and a whole lot of battles all set in a fictional world. But guess what? It’s more like the workplace than you think.

Trust your gut

When GOT started, everyone was rooting for Ned Stark. He was honorable, thorough and able to see what wasn’t being shown. While it’s true it ended up costing him his head, there’s a lot to learn. You might see a job posting that doesn’t quite look like it’s for you but if you read closer, you can see the skills that fit your profile. It doesn’t hurt to get out of your comfort zone just like Ned Stark did when he left his home to go off to King’s Landing. You never know what great career you might end up in (while keeping your head).

Keep your finger on the pulse

Varys, also known as The Spider knows everything about everyone and everything about everything. His constant need to know serves him pretty well and keeps him indispensable to important people. For you, this could present in many ways. Keep up with industry trends and read up on what’s hot in your career path. Use that time to build up on skills where you know you have gaps and make yourself the king (or queen!) or information. This will also dazzle when you finally get into that interview room.

Magnify Your Strengths

Sure, Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf whose father and sister hate and everyone else thinks he’s a joke. But what he lacks in size and strength he more than makes up for with brains and quick wit. Going into the job market, you may feel that people won’t take you seriously because you have such few years of experience. However, you’re pretty great at certain things which you should always highlight. You might not know much about the business you’re in but you’re a fast learner and that’s something employers value.


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