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How to Get a Job in Lagos in 2023

Navigating the dynamic job market in Lagos demands more than a generic CV and cover letter. These practical insights for job seekers will help you get a job in Lagos.

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Navigating the dynamic job market in Lagos demands more than a generic CV and cover letter. These practical insights for job seekers will help you get a job in Lagos.

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Getting a job in Lagos is not for the weak. You will feel like the whole world is against you. It starts with wondering if the recruiters have forgotten about you. Then comes the struggle of fighting road and human traffic to get to the interview when hunger dey tear your belle. Let’s guide you away from this wahala by showing you how to get a job in Lagos. 


Why is it so Hard to Get a Job in Lagos?

They say ‘Lagos na small London’, abi? You have to be there to understand how every day be like film. The suffering you will experience before you get a job in Lagos will be immaculate. An outsider looking in might see all the potential jobs, but the people on the ground know how hard it is to get a job in Lagos. Here are some reasons why you might be struggling.


1. Competition

Have you ever attended an interview in Lagos? The first thing you will notice is the congestion. The job will ask to fill five positions, but 500 qualified graduates will be waiting in line. Lagos is an economic hub and the largest city in Nigeria. The population and the numerous unemployed graduates compete for limited job openings within Lagos. 


2. High Cost of Living

Lagos is worldly known for its high cost of living. Even the air in Lagos is expensive to breathe. The inflation and fluctuating economy make basic needs, like housing, food, health, and transportation, quite expensive. The pressure to get paid more makes the job market in Lagos very competitive. Therefore, with average skills, poor networking culture, and no industry knowledge, you may find it difficult to get a job in Lagos.


3. Never-Ending Scammers

Scammers will smell the unemployed and desperate. Like bloodhounds, they know who to pounce on and steal from. The scamming scene has got so bad that websites like Nairaland Forum, Know Lagos, and Latest Jobs in Nigeria regularly share updated lists of fake job addresses in Lagos. You can be sure that the jobs you apply for on Fuzu are highly vetted and scam-free. 


7 Practical Steps to Help You Get a Job in Lagos


1. Identify Your Interests and Skills

Before you work on how to get a job in Lagos, answer the following questions:

List them down and use this as a template for a suitable job. Your ideal job should target your skills, interests, and strengths.


2. Update Your CV

When did you last update your CV? Use the list you have created from Step 1 above to prepare a star CV or ATS-friendly CV. Highlight your strengths, skills, and interests on your CV. As you search for a job, use the extra time to perfect and gain more skills, which you should include in your CV.


Download your FREE Premium CV on Fuzu here. (This offer is only available to Fuzu users in Nigeria for a limited time)


3. Use Your Networks

Leveraging your contacts, both professional and personal contacts, is a step in the right direction. You can learn how to improve your networking skills here. Start by creating a job referral message or email letting your contacts know you are actively applying for jobs and requesting their referrals. 


Sample Message A

Hello XXX, I hope you are doing great. I have been looking for a job, and I saw the company you work for is hiring for a Marketing Executive. You’ve always been vocal about your positive work experience at [name of the company], and I am excited about also working there. Would you recommend me to the hiring manager? I can send you a copy of my CV and prepare for you a draft referral email if you don’t have time to write one. Let me know what you think. I hope to talk with you soon.


Sample Message B 

Hello, I hope you are well and keeping safe. My name is XXX, and I am looking for a job in [mention the type of job/industry.]I came across a position that would be a good fit for me. The role is [name the job position/attach a link] at [name of company]. I noticed that [you are working at/ have previously worked at/ are closely connected to XXX] and humbly request that you introduce us. I am available on [list the available dates and times] for an introductory meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.  


Follow people in similar industries or positions on social media. They might share seminars, networking events, and job fairs for your field or target job position. Don’t let imposter syndrome make you think you are not good enough to attend such events. These events are insightful and will get you closer to getting a job in Lagos.


4. Create or Update Your Fuzu Profile

Fuzu is a career companion that gives you career advice, and job opportunities, and helps you develop new skills through relevant courses. Watch these videos to help you learn how to navigate the website.


The first step is to create an account and set up a secure password. From there, update your Fuzu profile to attract relevant job recommendations. Create a strong elevator pitch for your career intro to give an employer or recruiter a feel of what you will bring to their organization. Fill in your work experience and acquired skills, and upload your CV to the platform.


Fuzu’s job search features will help you get a job in Lagos in the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time printing and delivering CVs physically abeg. Some of these job search features include:

  • Email notifications with relevant jobs matching your qualifications, skills, and experience

  • A Fuzu profile that you can share with an employer when applying for a job

  • A downloadable professional-looking CV 

  • Profile visibility so that headhunters and recruiters can find you easily


5. Customize Your Applications

Job hunting is tiring. We get it. However, don’t use this excuse to send generic applications when trying to get a job in Lagos. Every application should be specific and match the job description. Customizing your application seems like a lot of work, but it will make you a good fit for the role. 

Additionally, don’t use a generic cover letter. Preparing a compelling and specific cover letter shows you took the time to research the company and your interest in the role.


6. Look Out For Temporary Positions

Even though you are looking for a permanent position, temporary positions will give you financial stability as you look for a more permanent role. Temporary or contract positions are a good look for your CV. You will add to your work experience and brush shoulders with reliable networks. Furthermore, you will not have employment gaps, which are uncomfortable and difficult to explain during interviews.


7. Stay Updated on Your Industry

You don’t realize how fast time flies when trying to get a job in Lagos. Don’t lose yourself in the job search loop and forget to stay updated on your industry. Therefore, always stay job application ready by keeping up with the developments and news in your industry. You can follow industry-specific social media pages that give updates regularly. Additionally, subscribe to job alerts on Fuzu so that you’re the first to get notified when a new job that matches your skillset is posted.  


Get a Job in Lagos by Applying to Any of These Companies 

1. Hello Products Limited, based in Lagos, develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality personal and home care products for a safer home and healthier life.


2. Global Profilers is a recruitment and resourcing company focussing on African markets. The company has diversified into industries like Telecom, IEC, Infra 25, Oil and Gas, Mining, Financial Services, and Banking, among others.


3. Rosabon Financial Services Limited is Nigeria’s leading non-banking financial intermediary and equipment leasing firm. Rosabon is perfect for a job seeker who is targeting financial management roles.


4. JMG Limited is an experienced solution provider in power generation, electrical infrastructure, industrial equipment, elevators, escalators, and HVAC solutions.


5. Stears is a data and research company based in Lagos that provides African data and insight for global businesses and financial and policy professionals.


6. Fosad Consulting Limited is a service firm that provides quality consulting services to clients who want to focus on their core competence.


7. Team Ace Limited is a human resource and talent development company. The company designs business processes, leverages data, and applies insights and technology to solve different business challenges.


8. Global Manpower Limited is an outsourcing company that allows businesses to focus on achieving their objectives without worrying about the core business activities.



Searching for a job in Lagos is a tedious process. Be patient, learn, network, and be flexible to adjust your job search approach. Additionally, understanding the challenges of getting a job in Lagos makes it easier to create better strategies. Let us know in the comments below which job search strategy worked for you in Lagos.

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Lilian Nerima Musonge

Nerima Musonge is a Lawyer who is passionate about Content Creation and Copywriting. She is constantly trying to broaden her artistic pursuits and find out how they can integrate with the law. When she is not squinting behind a laptop, she is mothering, cracking jokes, and living her best life

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