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7 Remote Jobs That Allow You to Work and Travel Across The World

Would you love to work on a beach sipping a cocktail or in a European cafe? Quench your thirst for travel by checking out these seven remote jobs.

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Would you love to work on a beach sipping a cocktail or in a European cafe? Quench your thirst for travel by checking out these seven remote jobs.


Remote jobs have become popular over the past few years, thanks to COVID-19, it changed how we view work. More jobs started appreciating working from home and remotely. A study by Mercer in 2021 shows that some organizations changed to remote jobs or the hybrid system afterward.

It is interesting how remote jobs are becoming popular. More people are warming up to living their best lives without worrying about paying their bills. There are so many remote jobs that you can do from any location across the globe. Some require a degree, while others need you to have the skill. All you need is a quiet place to work with a laptop and a strong internet connection.

The benefits of working remotely outweigh the disadvantages, and the competition for remote jobs has been growing. If you are also considering making the switch to working remotely prepare your application and start learning how to transition smoothly.


Satisfy your wanderlust with these seven remote jobs 

Here are seven remote jobs that allow you to travel and enjoy what the world has to offer while keeping the lights on.

1. Translator

If you are multilingual, try out translator remote jobs. Put your language skills to good use and get paid to do it. At the simple click of a button anywhere across the globe, you can translate audio and written information as you enjoy traveling to different destinations. Translators' remote jobs pay reasonably well, depending on the work and the country. Some require you to have a degree, while others only require you to be a native speaker.

2. Data analyst

So many companies are outsourcing data analyst work, including the likes of Xerox and Amazon. With the help of e-books and YouTube Videos, you can perfect your Excel skills and start crunching numbers from anywhere.

3. Copywriter

Is putting together sentences and witty catch-phrases your niche? Maybe copywriting is something that you can explore. You can be a freelancer or work for an agency remotely. You can create texts for catalogs, newsletters, websites, and brochures, among others. 

4. A Web Developer or Programmer

Programming and web development are lucrative professions. You can be a self-taught programmer or web developer or enroll in a university and get a degree. There are so many online courses and video tutorials that you can use to perfect these skills. It would be best if you learned basic coding to be able to do this remote job. Look out for boot camps and online courses offering information about programmers or web developers. Your well will never run dry as a programmer because organizations and businesses always need a program, website, or application. 

5. Salesperson

If you don’t mind sending millions of emails in a day, receiving calls, and calling strangers, then you have the potential to explore the world as you flourish in your job. You can even get new clients as you travel. Your employer will be thrilled to get foreign business partners and clients you have referred. Alternatively, as a freelance salesperson, you can interact with new people and get foreign clients.

6. Personal Trainer

A simple click of a button can connect you to clients across the globe who want to stay fit. Obtain certification and create a safe space that allows you to interact and connect with your clients during scheduled classes. You must be very organized, so you don’t miss training sessions. Use applications such as Skype and Webex Link for your classes. Please step away from the typical video classes, create training programs, write e-books or film online courses, and sell them to your clients. Additionally, use social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to reach your clients and advertise your training programs and packages.

7. Online Language Tutoring

Online language tutoring remote jobs are fun because you get to meet new people and impact their lives, and you don’t have to be confined to a classroom. Some platforms only require you to be a native English speaker while some require you to have a degree or a certificate. However, you need to be aware of your students’ time zones so that you don’t mix up the schedules. Additionally, if the time zones are too far apart, you might have difficulty adjusting to them. Most remote tutoring jobs pay hourly. Therefore, to earn enough as an online English tutor, you will need to work for longer hours with more students. 

So, there you go! Seven remote jobs that will allow you to travel the world and work. Is there any other remote job you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments. 

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Lilian Nerima Musonge

Nerima Musonge is a Lawyer who is passionate about Content Creation and Copywriting. She is constantly trying to broaden her artistic pursuits and find out how they can integrate with the law. When she is not squinting behind a laptop, she is mothering, cracking jokes, and living her best life

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