6 communication careers you didn’t know about.

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The choice that you make in this career path is influenced by your interests and skills. 

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Communication isn’t just about what you say, but rather how you say it. If you enjoy writing engaging texts or create unique presentations then a career in communication might be suitable for you. Students who major in this learn how to communicate information effectively via planning, organizing and executing projects/events.

This is a diverse field that applies to all industries. In marketing, advertising and public relations through press releases, presentations and campaigns. The choice that you make in this career path is influenced by your interests and skills. Here are some options for your consideration:  

1. Digital media                                                                                                                   

This industry is on the rise and reshaping the way society consumes media and information. From social networks to online news sites, they are leading to significant increases in job opportunities. This field is for those with strong communication skills and digital proficiency.

2. Event Planner

Communication majors are favorably positioned to package events in an appealing way. They have organizational skills to analyze and consider all the needs of presenters and attendees. The public speaking skills are also useful when hosting events.

3. Social Media Coordinator

Social media is a platform used to communicate with people. In this job, you’ll need to do more than just post to Facebook and Instagram. You take up the role of being the digital voice of the brand and are meant to help organizations leverage their brands within social media. Writing skills are necessary to compose messages that appeal to social media users while capitalizing on media trends along the way.   

4. Brand Manager

To oversee and supervise the development of campaigns like promotions, Ads and public relations requires you to be attentive to detail. Not to mention coming up with innovative strategies to convey the message.    

5. Sales Representative

The thought of sales as an eventual career sounds unlikely but it’s not. The ability to change people’s perception on a certain product is based on how effective you communicate. It needs creativity of words and speech.

6. Writer

Intensive research when writing ensures that it factual and concise. The content might be for ads, magazines, online publications or movie scripts. The language has to be simple to grasp and creative. You could work as in-house writers or under a contract with publishing companies.  

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