Importance of having a mentoring culture in your organization

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Organizations with mentoring programs benefit from accelerated leadership development and better succession planning. 

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Every organisation should foster a mentoring culture through formal structures. This will allow employees to develop the appetite to teach and learn from others thereby facilitating the transfer of skill and knowledge throughout an organisation.

Here are some reasons why you should foster a mentoring culture in your organization:

Individual and Organization Growth

A mentoring culture values and promotes individual and organizational growth and development. Lois Zachary the Author of Creating a Mentoring Culture: The Organization’s Guide says, “A mentoring culture enriches the vibrancy and productivity of an organization and the people within it.”

The author adds, “A mentoring culture strengthens the mentoring capacity, competence, and resilience of an organization.”

Ensures planned succession

You don’t want your operations to be affected when a key employee resigns in a huff, right? Then you should provide mentorship as an investment for your company since it helps with personnel retention, team building, and accelerating leadership development.

Mentoring will allow you to invest in both the future of employees and your organization. Organizations with mentoring programs benefit from accelerated leadership development and better succession planning. It enables senior employees to transfer critical skills and knowledge to junior ones.

Cohesive teams

Apart from equipping employees with the right skills, mentoring helps create and sustain relationships in organizations. Zachary says that the relationship learned through mentoring strengthens relationships throughout an organization.

“As the relationship deepens, people feel more connected to the organization,” he says. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs have better work output compared to those who are not.

Job satisfaction

When employees are linked with the right mentors, they become more satisfied with their work and are committed more to their organizations. Moreover, research links employee satisfaction with higher productivity and reduced turnover. Ensuring mentoring culture in your organization will help empower employees with the right skills and attitudes that boost their confidence and therefore stay longer in their jobs.

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