The Purpose of hierarchy in an organization

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Hierarchy allows grouping of teams and team players in their respective cohorts. They can be organized to harness the results of each department. 

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Management organizes the flow of authority. This commands order and a ladder of responsibilities. That is the reason we have the most experienced and exposed at the tip of each department.
Good leadership dictates that the leaders have a close relationship with their subordinates. However, the style of leadership shouldn't break or diminish the value of hierarchy. 
Hierarchy allows grouping of teams and team players in their respective cohorts. They can be organized to harness the results of each department. Here are some purposes of having a hierarchy.

Grouping responsibilities
An organization is made of segmented activities that are brought together to consistently produce the organization's products and services. Organizations can't be lead solely from sanitary department to finance and other departments. Grouping them as per the hierarchy allows accountability for responsibilities

Attach ability to individuals.
The first reason for failure is assigning a duty to team players that are not qualified or passionate about. Hierarchy allows the right placement of duty and responsibility. If an organization can grow individuals it grows faster and in quantity too. Employees find more fulfillment where there is a consideration of their abilities and passion.

Grow the leader
Categorically hierarchy segments team players to departments where each team has a team leader. One advantage that this leadership allows is the growth of the team leaders. There are expected results and targets of each department. Their group's results in extension affect the performance of the company. These stricken expectations grow the leader personally and in their career.

Harmonize intrarelationships
Imagine a situation where the procurement department has to do their financing, logistics and security as well as other departments. Those would be the correct ingredients for chaos and disorder. Hierarchy presents a platform where a department focuses on their sole mandate. It's the system that facilitates a situation where a team player's conduct is handled by the human resource department without a determination of the department they come from.

Are you using your position to the maximum?
Uncertainty is part of business and employment. The best we can do is utilize the opportunities when we have them. Not only utilize but grow in them, account each day/week/month. This comes with personally scrutinized performance because it is for you and the organization. 
Each department and level of hierarchy has attached resources and networks. It is how well you exhaust what is at your disposal to add weight to your career. The positions also expose you and create industry relationships. The value of your influence and relations is directly related to your growth and performance.

Like any other order, organization hierarchy can work for you either at your workplace or when sourcing for business from other companies. If you invest time and knowledge on how organizations work then you are optimizing your survival and influence.

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