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5 tips for acing virtual job interviews.

First impression matters, even online

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First impression matters, even online

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You have just submitted your CV and job application letter, every three hours you refresh your email with the hope that you will get a response. Suddenly, you get a notification that you’ve been shortlisted for a virtual job interview. There’s an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and excitement. You need to prepare for the interview but how exactly does it work?

Virtual interviews come in two formats. One is live, this is a face to face interview and there are no do-overs. The other is pre-recorded where you will be asked a series of questions beforehand then record your answers and submit them. Once you are familiar with this, it’s time to prepare for the interview. Let’s get you ready:

Do a test run

Making sure the technical aspects are optimized in your favor is important. Check the webcam and sound in your PC, phone or any other device that you will be using to ensure it will work perfectly during the interview. You can do an assessment by calling a friend a few days before the interview. If you have poor connection, then consider buying a Wi-Fi booster to maintain a stable connection.

Right setup   

Find the best location in the house to setup your device before the interview. The background needs to be neutral without any distractions. As much as closets or storerooms seem ideal, they tend to be dark and have echoes. Look around and find a space with the best sound and lighting quality.  


As much as it is virtual you need to dress up. First impression still matters even online. The outfit needs to be appropriate. Evaluate your attire to see if it works on video or contrasts with the background. Avoid wearing too much make up or outfits with complex patterns.

Body language

You’ll need to be careful on how you use your gestures and facial expressions. Coach yourself to make eye contact with the camera and not the person you see on the screen. Adjust your device to get the correct eye level.

Avoid distractions

During the interview, it is advisable to turn off notifications and close down other tabs. Leaving them open can certainly sidetrack you from the ongoing interview and affect your internet connection.

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