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6 Signs Your Interview Went Well

‘When can you start?’ Ah, the joys of hearing this question in an interview.

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‘When can you start?’ Ah, the joys of hearing this question in an interview.

So you’ve done all your research about the company, practiced in front of the mirror and picked out your outfit well in advance for the job interview. The day arrives and you’re in the interview room answering all the questions as best as you can and once the interview is done, you walk out wondering whether or not it went well. Not to worry, we gathered up a few tips on how to know if your interview went well.

1. The interview goes on longer than expected
If the interview has gone past the slotted time, it’s a good sign that the interviewer likes what they’re hearing from you.

2. The interviewer’s body language is positive
If the interviewer is leaning in, giving you a genuine smile and showing interest in what you have to say through eye contact, you are definitely building a rapport with him or her.

3. They’re selling you the job
The interviewer will tell you what the role is about but if they make a real effort to give you an in-depth explanation about your role in the company as well as explaining the benefits of working for them, you’ve made a positive impression.

4. You’re introduced to the team
An interview would never go as far as introducing you to the rest of the team if they didn’t see you working there. Be friendly because they want to see how you interact with the team. It’s also a chance for you to have a feel of the working environment and if it’s a place that you would like to be coming to every weekday.

5. They ask you how soon you can start
‘When can you start?’ Ah, the joys of hearing this question in an interview. This can mean that they are pleased with how your interview went.

6. You’re invited for a second interview
If they invite you for a second interview on the spot, you are definitely at the top of their list. All you need to do is make sure that you continue to impress them when you meet them again.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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