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8 simple ways to boost your confidence at work

The only way to overcome this feeling is to take pleasure in your duties.

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The only way to overcome this feeling is to take pleasure in your duties.

Joining a workplace could prove to be difficult to fit in and thrive in the due to the different rules and norms. For many, it has turned from bad to worse. So, to improve your chances of thriving within your work environment, here are a few key aspects to consider that could boost your confidence.

1. Know yourself
Regardless of the experience and skills it is always better to know what your strengths and weakness are. Avoid blame games, and always strive to be honest about your capabilities to your colleagues. However, where you do lack skill or knowledge, it is important to make attempts to better yourself.

2. Learn something new every day
Many people lose confidence because they are reluctant to learn something new, unless it is forced upon on them. Sometimes, the workplace can turn toxic because team-members’ incapabilities become a burden that the team must carry. Learning something new daily keeps you abreast with the latest developments in your field.

3. Ask for help
We all get stuck somewhere during our daily work regardless of our level of experience. It is okay to ask for help.

4. Enjoy what you do
It is important that you enjoy your job, dreading going to work can affect your productivity and outlook on your day to day tasks. The only way to overcome this feeling is to take pleasure in your duties. You can do so by finding newer, innovative ways to do your job daily. If you can get online and do research on your field, then do that and even attend workshops where you can meet experts in your field.

5. Set your daily targets
As an employee, there are certain tasks attached to your job description. Some employers will set out tasks that you need to complete, however micro-management can be draining and often kills morale. As an individual, you need to set a target and aim to maintain consistency in the quality of work that you do.

6. Attend training programs
If your work place offers training programs then you should make time to attend them and invest in self-development. Skipping training means missing opportunities to develop your skills and learn something new which might affect your confidence at work. In many ways, a poor skill-set from a team-member could hold back a team. Do your part to keep your team productive.

7. Take criticism positively
Criticism viewed positively builds you up, however some supervisors can take criticism as a chance to bring down a colleague. Positive criticism brings to the surface flaws and inadequacies you were blind about, helping you to correct them. Rather than seeing it as a negative thing, learn to accept it as an opportunity to work on your short comings. In situations you feel targeted, it might be time to take the opportunity to know why someone makes adverse remarks about your work.

8. Speak out
Most people afflicted with lack of confidence in the workplace tend to be introverts and therefore do not speak about their work-related issues. If you find that a situation in the work-place is becoming toxic, it is important to speak out no matter what.

This article was originally published on The Sauce by Capital FM. Read the full version here. 

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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