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A day in the life of a boda boda rider – Eric Murigi

Get skills, it is your skills that will afford you a good life.

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Get skills, it is your skills that will afford you a good life.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a boda boda rider looks like. Well, here’s a low-down for you.

Meet Eric Murigi who is one of the Safe Boda riders – a company that is trying to breath high-tech life into the old boda boda industry that has been around for a while. Safe Boda, an app that has had tremendous success in both Kenya and Uganda, provides quick, convenient and affordable means of transport.

You seem pretty young, how old are you and when did you get into the “Boda” business and why SafeBoda in particular?

Looks can be deceiving but in this case, you are right. I am 20 years old and have been in the ‘boda’ industry for the last year and a half.

How I got in? A friend of mine put me in his squad and in a day from 10:00AM to about 6:30PM, I had made KShs. 1200 net of expenses - my friend, there was no looking back.

As for SafeBoda, first of all, the color orange is visible from far and the gear they give is smart. More importantly, the values that SafeBoda stand for - Safety first, training - both customer service and app use to get customers are just the top of mind things that made me sign up as soon as I could.

Wow! Impressive.. What drives you to get up every morning and literally Go Get IT?

My quest for Financial Stability! I am currently pursuing my undergrad in IT at the University of Nairobi and even when done with the degree, I know I’m still going to be hustling with SafeBoda. It has given me access to so many both customers that on my own I would not necessarily have gotten - including celebrities I may never have come across.

Celebrities? Tell us more..

Yes, Jeff Koinange. He actually is one of the people that inspires me. I met him once as I was parked waiting for customers, he just walked up to me and started chatting me up about life choices, took interest in me, yet he didn’t know who I was and even filled up my tank - imagine that! then wished me well and he was off on his way.

Fantastic! Faith in Humanity has been restored isn’t it?

Oh absolutely, I couldn’t believe it. I know I will meet many others and even carry him and not charge him one day. Editors’ Note: Jeff, If you are reading this, here’s your free ride :-)

How do you unwind?

I love to travel and the freedom my bike gives me just makes it that much more accessible.

A funny story, last year, there was a bikers club with their big cool bikes going on a bikers’ road trip to Lake Naivasha. Kujiamini nayo? Do you know I actually joined them on the journey? With my TVS 150 my friend.. na tukafika. It was an amazing experience! Chelsea pia hunibamba sana.

Niiice! Any crazy customer experiences yet?

*laughs* we say the customer is always right but wah! There are some instances when I’m carrying some customers who are in a hurry and they want me to jump lights, ride on the pavement, vituko tu yaani… endangering my and their lives and I have to put my foot down and arrive alive.

On the flipside though, I’ve had some really great clients… actually a good majority are the people who just leave you with good vibes - there’s once - I don’t know if I looked hungry but a customer I was taking to Urban Eatery at Delta Corner who told me to get in and he bought me lunch! My friend, of importance is life, I was very confused and pleased at the same time *laughs*.

Angels really do live among us huh? *laughs* Any final thoughts?

Three things I have come to learn in my few short years of life are that: -

  1. Patience pays off
  2. Humility is strength
  3. Get skills, it is your skills that will afford you a good life, don’t let anyone cheat you otherwise - especially my generation that likes life the easy way out. 

Originally published by Safeboda

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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