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Blue Tang Table Founders - Edith & Maureen Dish on How to Grow a Restaurant Business

In business partnerships, you have to have a common goal and know each other’s strengths and use that to grow the business.

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In business partnerships, you have to have a common goal and know each other’s strengths and use that to grow the business.

These days women are getting into the corporate world head-on - and we love to see it!  International Women’s Day is always a great opportunity to celebrate the women stepping out of their comfort zones and making boss moves. 

Edith and Maureen are no exception. Their appetite for success and good food led them to seize their opportunity during the pandemic and opened a restaurant - Blue Tang Table. Six months later and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Read on to find out more about their extraordinary entrepreneurial journey and how you can build your brand. 

How did you both get started in this business? 

Edith: When Corona hit the market our hustles were affected, so we had to find a way to pay the bills. Maureen called me and said that since we like food why don’t we cook and sell it while guys are at home. We agreed to try and see where it takes us. And yeah, that’s how we started.  

How much capital did you invest? 

Maureen: Since we started during a pandemic we knew it could go either way, so we did the math and thought why not start with our savings of Ksh.2000. With the sh. 2000, we just bought assorted items. Edith came up with a menu and then we bought the ingredients needed to cook them. We took pictures and posted them.  On April 20th 2020, we officially launched Blue Tang Table online and continued working from home.

Wow! What motivated you to keep going and take that leap of faith?

Maureen: Our clients. Because when we took our first picture and uploaded it, we weren’t expecting to get sales right away. But we made 2 sales that day and we were excited. Then the next day, we had another client who after getting their delivery gave us very good feedback. We kept going because of the new clients and positive genuine feedback we got. 

That’s amazing! And what inspired your business name Blue Tang Table? 

Edith: The name Blue Tang is actually a fish and it’s based on our love for the ocean while Table represents the food we offer from our kitchen to your table. And that’s how the name came about.     

Really creative! What are some of the lessons you’ve learned in this partnership business?  

Edith: Understanding what you both want is the most important thing. If you both want the same thing then it’s going to work. Maureen and I have ten years of friendship between us. So mixing business with friendship is a whole Pandora’s Box that we were opening up. We might have our differences but we focus on the end goal. You need to have a partner who understands no matter how they feel or what happens, the goal is the same. 

Maureen: Another key thing is, honesty. No matter what you’ve done you have to be honest with each other. We also have constant meetings to resolve arising challenges. Know each other’s strengths and use that to grow the business.     

What impact has technology had on your business especially when it comes to personal branding?

Edith: Social media built us - we owe it to technology. We constantly post online and that’s how we’ve grown. I remember a picture of our food was shared in a WhatsApp group and guys just loved how good it looked. We spent our savings on the initial capital but social media helped us connect with our clients, we’ve been taking pics and posting them especially on Instagram. 

In a competitive industry like this, what makes you stand out?

Maureen: It’s two things. The first thing is our meals. We have a specific flavored taste that is consistent and we intend to keep it that way 5 to 10 years to come.  Secondly, our meals come in generous amounts at an affordable rate.

Edith: We also ensure our hospitality is top-notch. We try to understand our clients’ taste buds so that they can get the perfect combination that suits them.

Where do you see your business in 5 to 10 years? 

Maureen: A Franchise!

Edith: We opened our restaurant six months after starting out and also expanded our menu. We hope to open several branches and have Blue Tang Table as a household name. Such that, if anyone wants a specific flavored meal they automatically come to us. It’s not about the money for us, it’s the passion that we have for our business. We also want to share our business story and inspire others as well.   

Parting shots on how to build a personal brand…

Maureen: You need to have a strategy. Know what it is you are going for and work towards that - focus on your goal. How you present yourself matters because now I don’t just represent Maureen.

Edith: Find something that even without money you’ll still want to do it. Don’t be so quick to build the brand. Focus on building the product or service first. When you do that, then build your brand and eventually the money will come. Personally, I pray a lot so my faith has helped too.   


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Cindy Nyaga is a passionate writer with diverse skills and communications and media expertise. Her hobbies include; writing, volunteering and travelling.

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