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Breaking Bad: The Analytical Chemist who Chemistry was his least favorite subject.

Fuzu has really made my job search very easy by posting jobs that are in line with my interests and through my Fuzu profile.

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Fuzu has really made my job search very easy by posting jobs that are in line with my interests and through my Fuzu profile.

Chemistry used to be the most dreaded science class back in high school, at least to me. And it was not about the math but the language - you couldn’t understand chemistry until you understood the vocabulary. Which is why Vincent Owiti’s story baffles me.

Vincent, a Quality Controller at Paper Bags Limited, chose to pursue Analytical Chemistry at university despite not being passionate about Chemistry and has had a successful career so far having worked at some of the best brands such as Burn Manufacturing and Bobmil Manufacturing Industries Limited. 

He shared with us what it is like to work as an Analytical Chemistry and how he has realized his dreams on Fuzu. 


I am Vincent Omondi Owiti, a Diploma holder in Analytical Chemistry from the Technical University of Kenya. I’m currently working as a Quality Controller with Paper Bags Limited.

I chose the analytical chemistry course not because chemistry was my best subject in high school but because I lacked career guidance. I didn’t know what it entailed, I just found myself pursuing it since I had the qualifications. But I developed a positive attitude in the course at the second year because I was getting motivation from students who were ahead of us and lecturers who gave us an overview of areas of employment upon graduating where manufacturing companies and government parastatals like KEBS, KenGen and Kenya Pipeline. At this point, I was able to know what Analytical Chemistry is about and worked very hard to ensure that I develop my career in this field.

Having worked in various companies, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge on product quality where I ensure that products are within the required quality standards as per the specifications of bodies like KEBS, World Health Organization etc. while also taking ISO certification into consideration. This is the idea behind quality control.

I learned about Fuzu early last year from a friend who was a frequent user of the platform. I created my profile and started looking for new job opportunities.

Fuzu has really made my job search very easy by posting jobs that are in line with my interests and through my Fuzu profile, I also get job alerts in my email for vacancies that are almost expiring. Fuzu is so far the best online platform for job seekers. I have personally received several job interviews and was able to secure my current job on Fuzu. 

Before discovering Fuzu, I used to hand-deliver hard copies of my CV to companies and I had to leave them with security guards at the gate because accessing human resource offices in some companies was very hard. I remember getting only one interview out of countless applications I did via this process.

In terms of my career goals, I’d like to be a Quality Assurance Manager in the near future. The best advice I can give anyone who is interested to venture into my career is to stay positive, focused, believe in yourself and put God above everything.

To Job seekers who are looking for opportunities, don’t give up on sending applications, keep trying because you never know where your luck lies.


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Kelvin Mokaya

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