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Fuzu Officially Launches in Uganda

East Africa’s fastest growing online recruitment and career network comes to Uganda.

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East Africa’s fastest growing online recruitment and career network comes to Uganda.

Fuzu Limited, a company and platform that specializes in career development, recruitment and learning solutions for emerging market organizations and end-users has officially launched its operations in Uganda. In collaboration with 25 launch partners including Microsoft, KCCA, MUBS, ICTAU, Safeboda, Mercy Corps and Liquid Telekom, Fuzu will help job seekers and employers in finding each other, in improving efficiency of the job market and in nurturing Ugandan talent. A better functioning job market and lower unemployment will drive socio-economic growth and progress in Uganda.

Speaking at the launch event held at Design Hub in Kampala today, Jussi Hinkkanen - the Fuzu Chief Executive Officer noted that there is a need for Ugandan job seekers to have access to relevant advice and direction to make the most of their careers. Fuzu has to date helped more than 2.8 million users in East Africa to accelerate their growth and hundreds of employers to find much needed talent.

“Fuzu is about finding your place in this world, it is not just about applying for jobs but rather about turning the job hunting experience into a life-long journey of professional growth, giving you the freedom to Dream, Grow and be Found,” Jussi said, adding: “The right advice coupled with passion and determination is key to shaping one’s future and should therefore not be taken for granted.” With its Artificial Intelligence-based job, learning and career recommendations, Fuzu provides the users with the best chance for employment and personal growth.

Employers also have a huge role to play in shaping the future of job markets. Today, companies do not have what they need to attract and recruit top talent. In a survey run by Fuzu, only 30% of Ugandan employers saw that they have the tools they need to succeed in the race for talent. There is a need for next generation solutions for both hiring and nurturing employees. During a panel discussion at the Fuzu launch themed “How do we jointly support the employability ecosystem in Uganda”, Michael Niyitegeka said; “Using the platform has given me a wider appreciation of the candidates during the shortlisting process. The analytics have given me the capability to understand the candidate beyond the typical CV and credentials. That knowledge has been powerful to find the perfect candidate and has saved me significant amount of time in the process.”

Fuzu also showcased how it can support NGOs and education institutions across a variety of youth employability and education-to-employment initiatives. Miji Park, Director of Programs from Mercy Corps, said “There is a lot of untapped talent in refugee communities across Uganda. We see that the Fuzu platform can help us in profiling the skills and competencies, in supporting the training and up skilling and then in facilitating integration of the refugees to local communities through employment”

Fuzu leverages the fast-moving digital revolution in a country with over 17 million internet users and fast growth of digital services, making access to information the basic right of every citizen.

“We believe in empowering people and that everyone has unleashed hidden potential. Fast growing Internet access and services like will drive socio-economic progress like we’ve never seen before. We just need to work together, everyone has a role to play in this transformation.” concluded Jussi Hinkkanen, the CEO of Fuzu Limited.

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