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Fuzulet Feature: Gregory, Business Development Manager.

Failure is an integral part of success and it is best when shared.

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Failure is an integral part of success and it is best when shared.

Standing at 6 feet tall, Gregory’s (Greg) strides are those of a man who knows where he’s going in life. It’s Monday morning and this side of Nairobi is already abuzz with activities, it being the core centre within the startup space. On a day like this, Greg is up and down making phone calls trying to schedule client meetings for the week - finding your potential employer has never been easier when you meet Greg. While doing all this, he can still afford to crack jokes and goof around; reassuring us that things might be hot on this side of Nairobi Garage but it’s still a thrilling place to be. Greg, who’s part of a five-member Business Development team at Fuzu (best there’s in the game), is that person whom you can count on in a crisis room. Here’s what he had to say on this Fuzulet feature.

When did you realize you could sell?

There was no moment in general. I don't view myself as a salesperson. I am however, keen on business development, which encompasses sales. So for now, I am honing and learning how to be better in that regard since it's what I'm doing in my position today.

Tell us about your lowest moments as a Business Development Manager at Fuzu and how you get past that?

The waiting is the most draining part of the process. What has worked for me is trusting, and constantly working to improve the process the team and I have developed to get business. Fortunately, Fuzu has an environment that encourages rigorous review of processes that are working and those that don't. It's important to challenge assumptions.

Let’s say you’ve just closed a deal which had taken you ages to get signed, what do you do to celebrate?

Probably go have a steak dinner with friends.

What’s that one thing at Fuzu you would like to see replicated in other companies?

The feedback culture centred around work life and something we call 80/20 where every individual spends 20% of their time learning something unrelated to their core work.

What’s your opinion on success?

Failure is an integral part of success and it is best when shared.

What’s that one thing you look back at and go, “I can’t believe I used to sell that!”

Beano magazines in primary school and slots to attend functions in secondary school.

Iron sharpens iron; who do you look up to as a mentor?

Tim Ferriss. Everybody should look him up

What are your future prospects?

I am working to own my time.

Top 3 podcasts?

The Tim Ferriss show

Hidden Brain

Planet Money




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Kelvin Mokaya

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