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Fuzu Afterwork Connect - week of 27th January.

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Fuzu Afterwork Connect - week of 27th January.

Attending professional events is critical to your business and career. You get to network and meet interesting people who can mentor and help you grow, learn new skills or secure exciting new opportunities. But we know how tough it is to find interesting events happening around you and picking which one to attend.

We at Fuzu make it easy with our new Blog Series - Afterwork Connect! Every Monday we highlight 4-5 events that we believe are worth your time. Be sure to check in every Monday and if you know of any exciting professional event coming up that you think should be featured, let us know in the comments below!


How is your public speaking skills? Do you find it difficult expressing your ideas to others? Do you panic when asked to speak on occasions? Well, Charlie and Kagemi bring you an event to learn how to become more confident and to overcome nervousness so that you can speak with influence, authority and persuade with power. The event will be held at Kate's Apartments, 48 School Lane, Nairobi. Its time to grow your confidence.
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Startup Guide Nairobi Community Gathering – 30/01/2020
Need to connect with startup companies in Kenya? Join the Startup Guide Nairobi Community Gathering which is being organized in collaboration with community partner Metta and supported by SAP and ambassador 1MillionStartups, booster C4D Lab and connector Ongoza. You will not only connect but also have a chance to partner with them. The event will be held Mettā Nairobi, 14 Riverside Drive, Belgravia Building, Suite 6A, Nairobi.
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Enacting Your Passion-Quarter Life Crisis and Networking Session – 30/01/2020
Discovering your passion as an adult is one a very important aspect of personal growth. Sometimes discovering your passion comes with struggles and confusion and as some may be experiencing now, Kwachu mentorship is bringing you an event focused in helping adults discover their passions. Need to attend, the event will be held at Kulan Cuisine and Coffee, Kaunda Street, Nairobi.
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Your 20-20 Financial Planning Workshop – 01/02/2020
Worrying about financial planning in 2020? African’s Pocket is bringing you a workshop themed "Your 2020 Financial Planning workshop" which will touch on understanding, prioritizing growing and investing your money by sharing of money stories from their panellist. This event will be held at African Leadership X (ALX), 7th Floor, Nairobi Garage, Nairobi.
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2020 Industry Networking - Ugandan Charcoal Briquette Enterprises -29/01/2020
The Charcoal Project is a nonprofit organization focused on finding solutions to the unsustainable consumption and production of charcoal in East Africa. To get to understand more about this project, they have brought you a networking event to be held at Hotel Africana 4 Wampewo Avenue, #Plot 2Kampala, Central Region, Uganda. 
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Workshop for Building, Deploying and securing the Internet of Things solutions – 01/02/2020
The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Internet of Things (IoT) brings you a workshop to learn more about their IoT architecture, IoT applications and analytical systems. The event will be held at Kansanga, plot 44 Ggabba Road, Kampala, Central Region, Uganda.
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