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How CEOs are Preparing for the Holidays. See What You Can Borrow

As the holidays draw near, we are sharing how CEOs are preparing for the holidays. The list is unpredictable, heartwarming, and grounding. It definitely reminds us why the festive holidays are something we look forward to. Read on and see what you can borrow as you prep for your holidays.

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As the holidays draw near, we are sharing how CEOs are preparing for the holidays. The list is unpredictable, heartwarming, and grounding. It definitely reminds us why the festive holidays are something we look forward to. Read on and see what you can borrow as you prep for your holidays.


Ever wondered whether CEOs have a method to the madness that is preparing for the holidays? Do they plan to unwind with friends or they will be knee-deep checking in with employees on their December targets? Do they go to exotic islands for vacations or they are in late-night board meetings planning for the next quarter? Here are stories on how CEOs are preparing for the holidays, see what you can borrow to experience a CEO-inspired Christmas.


Write down a list of annual books you have read

Bill Gates is one of the people who practice this ritual, in his notes he says it allows him to reflect on everything he has read recently.  Reflecting on your annual book list can be a short or long process depending on how many books you read throughout the year. It will test how memorable the books were or how much you remember as the year ends. One of the ways to do it is to write sentences you remember in your personal journal or ask yourself what stood out to you. Other reflective angles can be what characters you related to most in the book, lessons learned, and how you can apply them.


Review your website and diversify purchase options

Rick Johnson CEO of Foot Locker Inc. recommends this as a priority in preparing for the holidays for the e-commerce CEO who has to leverage the holidays to make more sales. He says:

“Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) and Same Day Delivery are both key features for retailers, making it easier for customers to optimize the process for receiving their product. These features require the right technology to have accurate and timely inventory across their distribution and retail channels. In addition, split payments and alternative buy-on-credit solutions are rising in popularity with consumers."

With the holidays, many people have time off to make purchases such as gifts, food, and clothes, but they would rather choose the quick and convenient option. Meeting this need can grow your sales this festive season.


Cook, spend time with people they value, and disconnect from the internet

In this article, Alex Christou the Managing Director at Thrive Global Asia Pacific and a professor at Monash University shared a recipe he loves for Christmas and how he intends to cook for his family.

Here is Alex Christou’s perspective on why cooking is a wholesome way of preparing for the holidays:

I rediscovered a passion for cooking to get through Melbourne’s COVID lockdowns. I find that when you intentionally cook a meal, you're working on something that's in your control, in a world that at times can feel out of control. Cooking can be an act of patience, mindfulness, an outlet for creative expression, and a means of communication and exercising gratitude. You then get to enjoy it with the people you love most.

Oh, and tech is banned around our dining table. Disconnect from your devices and reconnect with your family and friends this Christmas Day. 

You too could write down some new recipes to try and cook for yourself or those close to you.


Post a delightful, appreciative, or helpful success story on social media

Sarah Blakely - Spanx CEO, is among the CEOs who use social media to share a great success story and engage with her followers and she always shares Christmas posts. This year she shared an appreciation post for Spanx employees on Instagram. In her post, she told the world how her staff was receiving first-class tickets and $10,000 for their contribution to Spanx. Wow! Even I want such a boss. Also, take a look at Walmart CEO Doug McMilon’s quirky Christmas post on LinkedIn.

The holidays can be great for using social media to share laughter, gratitude, milestones, or a family picture. Flagship social has great CEO post ideas you can borrow from.


How do CEOs handle work emails during the holidays?

Emails can be a distress factor for every employee during the holidays, but here are some shortcuts CEOs apply.

Send out-of-office emails and automated replies about who they can get in touch with instead

Out-of-office emails are received with a lot of relief and can be perceived by employees that taking time off is healthy. 

Here is an example of an automated-reply template as you are preparing for the holidays. 


“Hello there,

Thank you for your email. I’m currently out of the office for the Christmas holidays.

I will be back on mm/dd/yyyy. 

If you need an urgent response, kindly email {Name}  at [email protected].




Only respond if it's urgent and they are the only ones who can address the issue

The truth is few people completely get off the grid when they take holidays, including CEOs. They will return calls or respond to emails if they agree that the issue is as urgent as stated. It allows them to disconnect from work and enjoy the holidays.

Use airplane mode or the Do not disturb phone features for at least a day or two

These features are essential if you are still part of work platforms such as WhatsApp groups or Slack channels. If you are taking holidays within the city and your phone is on and reachable, disconnect it for a bit so you don’t hear the buzz of incoming emails or messages while you're on break.

Happy Holidays from the Fuzu team! 

Written by

Anita Kamba

A Ugandan Civil Engineering Professional working with a Ugandan government corporation. I am also a social media content creator and writer. Most of my creative work is influenced by personal experiences and those of people around me.

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