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How I found my purpose. Fuzu's Content Specialist, Naomi Ndichu.

Playing nice won't always cut it, it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and its all in your head. If you believe it, you can be it.

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Playing nice won't always cut it, it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and its all in your head. If you believe it, you can be it.

How did you get into rugby and what position do you play?

I play right winger or/and flanker but best as a winger. I played hockey (wing and defence) in high school. We used to go for these tournaments and the rugby guys would always come and watch us play and we'd do the same. One day I was passing by a group of them doing their drills, one of them saw me and threw the ball at me and I caught it. The feeling that came with it, oh man, it was incredible and there it was a new love discovered.

Why not pursue a career as a professional rugby player?

Well, I initially did. I wanted to join the Kenya women’s' team, but life happened. I guess, with school, hustling, holding down a family and getting caught up in the craziness of life, it took a back seat but its still on my bucket list.

What’s that one challenge that tackled you hard early in your professional life and how did you get around it?

It would have to be self belief/believing in myself. Growing up, I thought little of myself and put others first, which in return made me not invest enough in myself and my career. I would pass up a lot of opportunities since at the time they seemed too big for me. But with time, I have learnt how to give myself credit; believe in myself and in my goals and dreams.

How has your career journey been leading up to Fuzu?

Oh man, what have I not done? I have cooked at rugby events, offered customer care services, come up with business strategies, done secretarial work, I have even cleaned cars all in the name of trying to find my purpose in life. It was until last year when I decided on the path I wanted to take career-wise (serve people through Human Resource Management). So I went back to school got my HR Diploma and here I am loving it and feeling fulfilled in what I do as a Content Specialist.

How best would you describe what you do at Fuzu in relation to helping our users develop their careers and get their dream jobs?

Most people in Kenya think that there are no jobs, but fortunately this is somehow false. There are plenty of jobs all around us and as a content specialist at Fuzu, I am tasked with finding these jobs, fine tuning them for the purpose of easy understanding and getting them out there on our platform for all job seekers to explore and try their luck. I write article that carry messages and facts of hope and realism concerning the job market and how best to manoeuvre through it all and eventually get a good job.

We’ve got a vibrant corporate culture at Fuzu, what do you like most about it?

I have so many things I love about the Fuzu culture; the team work spirit, respect, the positive feedback loop and celebrating all the wins whether big or small. But the best has to be Fuzu Friday, where we get to let our hair down, kick back, relax and enjoy ourselves as a team.

You didn’t stop at your first undergraduate degree, you also enrolled for a Diploma in HR and Strategic Management and Leadership. Why do you believe continuous learning is essential for your career’s success?

I am always hungry for knowledge of course and it kind of comes easy to me. I honestly believe that continuous learning is essential for one's career. With all the knowledge you accumulate from books, teachers and fellow learning friends, one is in a better position to think differently and better, make more informed decision not only for one's career but also life and hence drive growth and advancement. That is why I hold education in high regards. If you are able to, get it and make it work for you.

What do you wish somebody had told you before you started your career?

Playing nice wont always cut it, it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and its all in your head. If you believe it, you can be it. I have always been that person who lifts others more than herself, that person who supports others more than herself, but slowly but surely, I am changing this narrative.

I’m sure you have a bucket list. What are the top three items on it?

Oh man, all of them seem to be at par. At number one but I would say, p lay professional rugby, secondly, get a tattoo in the Philippines and thirdly it would be philanthropy since I live to serve and make life better for those I able to.

What would you like the 40-year-old Naomi to remember the 20-year-old you for?

Her heart, her courage, her sweet tooth and how she did her best to be the best version of herself.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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