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I’m a waitress and I enjoy it! Elizabeth Atieneo, Big Square.

I’ve been taught to stick to my lane, follow instructions and be myself.

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I’ve been taught to stick to my lane, follow instructions and be myself.

At least everyone has a restaurant that they have decided not to return to because of ‘terrible’ service. Good customer service is the primary principle of service in the hospitality industry and Elizabeth Atieno of Big Square knows this very well.

Elizabeth who joined Big Square over one year ago has made tremendous progress to become the best seller at her branch. She is also an embodiment of good customer service; always making her customers go back.

Elizabeth Atieno explains why she loves her occupation as a Waitress and her career journey at Big Square.

Who is Elizabeth Atieno?

She is a 29 year old lady and a mother of one working at Big Square Bellevue Branch-Mombasa Road.

When did you join Big Square?

I joined Big Square in January 2018. It’s been a year now.

Why Big Square?

They believed and offered a platform for me as a Service Attendant.

Did you join as Waitress?

Yes, I applied and joined as waiter despite not having prior experience. They saw something in me. I went through their training program.

What the most challenging bit about what you do?

The main challenge has been how to handle customer complaints. For instance, a customer comes in and maybe she or he has had a bad day or when they are not satisfied by the service. You have to be compassionate and understanding and help them cool down.

Have you had one of those incidences where customers throw shade at you when they are furious?

Yes, several times.

How do you handle that?

You don’t have to show them your anger; do what they say and serve them well. By the time they leave the premises, they will appreciate being there because the service you gave them was still friendly and welcoming.

What are the some of the proudest moments you’ve had?

For the last four months I have been the best seller in our branch, hitting my targets and providing the best customer service.

Which advice from you superiors keeps you going?

I’ve been taught to stick to my lane, follow instructions and be myself.

What role would you want to play at Big Square in future?

I would like to be a Shift leader or a trainer given the opportunity; I believe I can make a good one.

What is your favorite meal on the Big Square menu?

It must Mix platter 2. It’s a mixture of fish fillet, pork ribs, chicken wings and grilled chicken.

Finish this sentence, I love my job because….
It provides and motivates me to wake up every day to pursue more in my career.

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Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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