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Industries expected to boom post Covid-19

Some industries are more likely to recover faster than others.

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Some industries are more likely to recover faster than others.

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Many industries have been pushed to adapt rapidly to the new normal - working from home. The economy has significantly been impacted with some being more affected than others. Yet some industries are more likely to recover faster than others. Let’s take a look:


This industry has been at the forefront to help save lives through the power of accessible communication. The joint WHO-ITU initiative builds on efforts to circulate health messages. The shift of work environment has brought a rise in demand for connectivity which adds pressure to various networks causing a strain in their system. However, with the use of good cloud computing data centers it will make it easier for their agents to work remotely.      


The increasing number of covid-19 cases has led many physicians and hospital systems to rely on technology to bridge the gap. People are using their phones for just about everything, from shopping online to banking. Now the same device can be used to get healthcare services via telehealth. This will help achieve a universal health coverage by reaching more patients while still cutting costs.


During the pandemic, many have depended on online retail and shopping. Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia just to name but a few are some of the e-commerce sites that are trying to meet the demand.  Many online shoppers have raised fears about the safety of receiving their online orders. However, according to experts there’s a very low risk of spread from packaged products. The increase in demand has led to job vacancies and growth in revenue.   


Honestly, this is one of the industries that will definitely be thriving post covid-19. We are heading to a future that will require the use of technology and the virus has just shown us how crucial it is. Whether it’s from online learning to contact-tracing apps, tech has been essential during this pandemic. Many people have relied on virtual gaming and streaming of movies as a way to be entertained. More innovations are set to be made.

Delivery & logistics

The success experienced in the E-commerce sector consequently caused the delivery and logistics sector to boom. There has been increased demand in B2C delivery services, for example, food take-out and grocery delivery. As soon as the pandemic is over, consumers will have become accustomed to on-demand logistics services.


These are a few examples of the industries that have been able to thrive and stay afloat during COVID-19, there are many more. This is the best time to work on your CV and complete your profile to get noticed by employers in these preparing to hire great talent.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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