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It Worked for Me.

I'd definitely recommend Fuzu to anyone, well, I already did.

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I'd definitely recommend Fuzu to anyone, well, I already did.

I've had an interesting stretch since I left university about 8 years ago. I've worked for myself as well as others in various settings. I've been in small and big organizations in various capacities and I've enjoyed the variety of experiences. As an entrepreneur, I've done a lot of work in the events, PR and communication area with immense levels of satisfaction and adventure. I gained plenty of experiences and a sense of work ethic that I'd been itching to test on the job market. The time came and Fuzu made it happen.

I'd taken time off to start a family but I was keen on staying abreast with market dynamics, New ideas and opportunities especially in my sector. At the beginning of my search, I was especially on the lookout for part time and remote jobs seeing as I was mostly confined to my home. Nothing seemed to happen. 

Then one time, on social media I saw someone mention that they needed a social media manager. I promptly sent my inquiry. Two days later, I got a reply that the spot had been filled. At the end of the message, the lady suggested that I check out Fuzu for more openings.

That was the beginning. I signed up and was treated to a variety of job openings all over Kenya matching my qualifications. It was exciting to see how easily I could potentially relocate at the click of a button on a job outside Nairobi. I wasn't feeling like an explorer though, so I stayed within Nairobi as I searched.

I applied for a few jobs and within a month I had already been invited to interviews and received my letter of offer. It's been a week since I started and I'm looking forward to more success and productivity in my endeavours.

I'd definitely recommend Fuzu to anyone, well, I already did. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. Also, the job alerts are always relevant and timely and definitely NOT spammy. I definitely am looking forward to staying and growing at my career and will keep recommending other job seekers to try their luck on Fuzu.

By Violette Wambua

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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