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There’s A Foolish Corner in the Brain of Every Wise Man. Happy Fools Day!

“It’s 1st of April man. Fools day.”

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“It’s 1st of April man. Fools day.”

This morning as I hurriedly threw my feet into my shoes with a hand stretching for the door knob, my roommate yelled from the kitchen, “Hey, know what day today is?”

“What do you mean what day today is. Monday?” I posed it back to him, itching to get out and catch the bus to work before the traffic snarl up along Thika road started to choke the highway.

“It’s 1st of April man. Fools day.”

Last year on a day like this, there’s this girl who pulled a prank on my roommate and probably, that’s why the date stuck in his mind. She asked him to go to town that she had something for him, and when he groomed himself well and showed up, a text message came in- happy fools day, you smart fool.

Three years ago I was putting the moves on this girl I really liked, and on a day like this she said yes. I was doing the little happy jig when she smiled and put a hand on my shoulder to say, happy fools day. And that’s just what it took to get my face sagging for the rest of the day.

Being fools day, let’s talk about falling for lies. Are you one of those who feel like life has been pulling pranks on you, cheating you every other day? If you are, then take my hand. I am too. I guess everyone has felt so at one point or another.

It could be an interview you were so sure you’d clinch but then it slipped you. It could be an interview all your guts told you you’d done well but then the call afterwards never came. It could be a business you took pains to start but then it tanked; or a task that you did your level best, but your boss still gave it a smirk and berated you. What was it?

Marcel Proust once said that the only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. I hope you can grasp that courage today that you have what it takes to have new eyes. I hope you can say to yourself that it’s not over, and that every little or big trick life has pulled on you has only been your training ground, to set you up to conquer bigger things. I hope you can get up with that motivational predisposition and refuse to stagnate but progress. And with consistent shifting of feet as you move on, your time to cheat failure will come and you shall toast to excellence!

And oh, if someone pulls a prank on you today, don’t let it go to your head. Smile and tell them- that was a good one. After all it’s said that there is a foolish corner in the brain of every wise man. Happy fools day!

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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