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These Last-minute Interview Tips Might Just Make You The Recruiter’s Favourite

Interview tips at the last minute? You might just want to pay attention to this one. Chances like these do not come easy.

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Interview tips at the last minute? You might just want to pay attention to this one. Chances like these do not come easy.


What if you have 10 minutes before the interview? What if these could be the last minutes that will change your fate? These last-minute interview tips will make you the recruiter’s favourite.

1. Tidy Up

Did you walk there? Perhaps you boarded a motorcycle or sat in a dusty car seat. Whatever the case is make sure you clean up your shoes, tuck in again, adjust your tie, visit the washroom and fix your hair. You do not want to turn up messy before the recruiter. Dusty hair, open buttons, untied shoe laces, or a broken handbag strap - no one wants to see your struggle displayed on your outlook. Please tidy up.

Additionally, put yourself together. Forget about the Uber driver who refused to give you back your change or the security man who kept asking you if you have COVID-19. It's time to focus on the important part of the day. Your interview. Breathe in and out then head for the interview like nothing happened. This interview tip is aimed to make your mind right.

2. The first impression is everything

Forget about inner beauty for a moment; the first impression is key during the interview. In your last minutes focus on how to make the best opening act for yourself. Have you dressed the part? Of course, you are not buying a new dress at the last minute, but you might want to make sure you look decent. 

Please, smile. Recruiters do not want a sad face, so,  look like you have no problem with anyone. Always ask for permission to have a seat. This is not your house, you might sit in the wrong place. These interview rules can give you more insight.

3. Time is essential

As you google questions on how to talk about yourself remember you do not have all day. In this tip, we encourage you to make key outlines about the different questions you are preparing for.

Answer with brevity and specificity. If you have not understood the question, please ask for clarification instead of wasting your time giving wrong answers. You will get the recruiters bored. 

4. Confirm the interview schedule and location

There might have been a last-minute change in schedule or the interview room. Ask for the person in charge and get all the clarity you need. This tip saves you from last-minute panic, if the room is on a high floor, start your walk there or access the lifts in time. 

5. Pay attention to your environment

Look out for the hangings and pinups around the office. Is it the company vision or a new outlook on the logo? When asked to speak about the company you will be on top of your game. Recruiters are always intrigued by a candidate who is curious and keen on details. 

6. Remove distractions

You would not want to be in the middle of discussing your salary expectations and your ringtone goes off loudly to Beyonce's Break My Soul. In other cases, your hair keeps falling in your face, you keep adjusting your coat to cover your chest, or that pen you are constantly hitting on the desk.  Such distractions seem small but could do harm to your interview results. Compose yourself well, put your phone on silent, wear comfortable clothing, and sit still. It is only a few minutes. 

7. Review your job description

You might be so glued to the interview answers you jotted down in the notebook that you ignore your job description. Going through the job description of the role you are interviewing for at the last minute will help you refocus on what is important. 

Olive, a Senior Human Resources Officer says that most of the interview questions they ask are from the job description. 

8. Gather your essentials

As you wait for your turn, gather your resume, transcripts, and required documents. Check them well and ensure that all of them are intact and your love letter never slipped in by mistake. Do not forget your notebook, pen, and handkerchief.  This interview tip shows off your organisational skills.

At the last minute before your interview,  remember that you do not have all day. Therefore early preparation is key. When you get that email calling you for interviews, jump up and down then get to the most important part - that is to prepare thoroughly for the interviews.  


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Mercy Mukisa

<p>I find my love for writing from my wild imaginations. I am currently pursuing a career in Business Management. I believe we can all be who we want to be.</p>

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