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We are in the business of providing hope to our users and enriching their career journeys.

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We are in the business of providing hope to our users and enriching their career journeys.

Ask the founder of any company what the core of their business is, the answer will definitely be something related to ‘adding value to their customers.’ At Fuzu we are no exception to this - we are in the business of providing hope to our users and enriching their career journeys. This however wouldn’t be possible without a team that works harder, smarter and effectively to provide personalized experiences and satisfy our users – the customer service team.

We would like to introduce you to the team that’s thriving at solving our users’ problems and relishes the opportunity to turn disappointment into happiness in celebration of customer service week 2018. Find out how they are acing customer service.

Ann - Head of Customer Team

You are probably familiar with Ann who dances on top of the office table every time a new user joins Fuzu. She is always dedicated to sending you tips to make your profile stand out more with employers and updating you on the interesting things going on within Fuzu. Ann is that loyal friend who always checks up on you and provides you with the support you need so please - don't leave her hanging in your inbox, it’s always boring in there!

Naomi - Admin & Customer Service Specialist.

She is always on the other side of the phone ready to talk to you whenever you need to speak to someone at Fuzu. Naomi makes sure that you save a date with our experienced career coaches whenever you need to make that career change. Once in a while she will ask you for feedback on the platform. Trust me she means well, it’s all with the aim of improving your user experience. She is definitely that friend you keep on your speed dial! (check out her full story)

Mercy - User Communication Specialist

By now, you should be aware of all the exciting programs lined up for you at Fuzu. If not, then we would definitely hold Mercy accountable for not doing her job. She is in-charge of informing you about the upcoming programs and those that are currently running at Fuzu. Remember the free rides, burgers and Fuzu Points? She had to make sure that you did not miss out on the exciting gifts that we had lined up for you during the Fuzu Party Week. Mercy is that one friend who is always hosting parties at her home and inviting everyone to be part of it.

Oscar - Customer Success Specialist

Before you are able to see jobs on our platform, Oscar has to make sure that the job is clearly defined in order to attract the right candidates. He is the one who drinks coffee with our employers once in a while in order to ensure that they post roles on the platform, attract the right candidates, do the shortlisting and eventually call you for an interview. He is that friend who gives you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to career decision-making.

Happy customer service week!

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Kelvin Mokaya

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