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Why do People Hate Mondays?

We’ve compiled hilarious jokes swirling around people dreading Mondays.

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We’ve compiled hilarious jokes swirling around people dreading Mondays.

It’s out there in the public domain that Monday is the most loathed day of the week. It’s the day most people are moody. An innocent act like sneaking up from behind someone you’re well acquainted with and tapping their shoulder could get you a hard slap on your face, or a fire of scathing words screamed at you. What’s really up with Monday, people?

According to a research  that was published by Mind, a UK organization that palms out support and advice for people with mental health issues, Monday is the most stressful day of the week, triggered by anxiety and a dislike of having to go back to work after the weekend. 

However, the Personal Development Challenge, a mentorship company in Nairobi that develops corporate and personal potential argues that if you’re doing a job you’re passionate about, where more than just earning a salary you fulfill an inner itch stirred by talent and innate abilities, Monday will be like a weekend for you.

Enough with all the serious stuff and research, now let’s have some fun. How about a dose of humour to brighten up your Monday? We have compiled these jokes swirling around jobs. Ready?

1. During an interview, Enock was asked what his salient strength was. He scratched his head deep in thought and then in a lowered, defeated tone said, “I can’t tell.” A day after the interview, he called his interviewer, with his spirits so high.

Interviewer: Hello.

Enock: Hello, it’s Enock. You interviewed me for the position of accountant on Wednesday.

Interviewer: Yes Enock, how can I be of help to you?

Enock: During the interview you asked what my strength was and I never gave an answer. I’m calling to tell you that I forgot to tell you then, that my strength is my ability to remember things.


2. Nancy: Why on earth did you quit your job working for NIKE?

John: Oh, I just couldn’t do it anymore.


3. Uncle: My lovely niece, the talk around the streets is that you are a hard worker. That’s true?

Cynthia: I guess so, uncle. I worked very hard to get to where I am in life. An unemployed university graduate.


4. Dave: I’ve seen a job ad on the papers. Job entails selling mirrors.

Patricia: Really? I’m interested. Selling mirrors is a job I can see myself doing.


5: I’m a patient man. That’s why I studied for seven long years to become a doctor. But after graduating, now I don’t have a patient. Maybe I should have just gone to the village to become a fisherman. That’s a net income I can live with. 

Do you love your Mondays? Why? Share with us in the comment section below.


Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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