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Find Remote Jobs in Lagos on Fuzu

Explore lucrative remote jobs in Lagos on Fuzu. Your dream career is just a click away!

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Explore lucrative remote jobs in Lagos on Fuzu. Your dream career is just a click away!

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If you are tired of the wahala of looking for remote jobs in Lagos where you can work in your pyjamas, sipping tea instead of facing the notorious traffic, then this article is for you. We’ll show you how to find remote jobs in Lagos and how Fuzu can make your dreams come true.


How to Land Remote Jobs in Lagos 

Landing remote jobs in Lagos seems nearly impossible, like trying to catch a danfo bus during rush hour. But fear not, we've got your back. Here are some tips to increase your chances:


1. Upskill

Learn new skills and get relevant certifications, especially in tech, marketing, or customer service, because these fields often land remote job openings. You can research and enroll for flexible online courses at the comfort of your home. The best thing about online classes is they are affordable and worth every penny.


2. Revamp Your CV and Cover Letter

Make your CV shine like the third mainland bridge at night. Highlight your skills and experience. Use the job description to create an ATS-friendly or STAR CV. When polishing your cover letter, make it short and convincing. Always remember your cover letter and CV are your only chance at making a positive first impression. 


3. Network

There are so many opportunities to connect with professionals in Lagos. Even if you don’t want to leave your house, you can use social media platforms to join professional spaces and network virtually. Some virtual conferences and webinars only need your online registration. As you network, learn to market yourself. 


4. Prepare For the Remote Job Interview

It’s not easy to land a remote job in Lagos. Therefore, you should do everything to stand out during an interview. Learn how to seem confident in both in-person and online interview sessions. Practice answering questions in front of a mirror to keep your body language in check. Thank God for technology because you can use AI tools like ChatGPT to prepare for your interview. You can prompt AI to create a mock interview for the role and get real-time feedback on your answer. 


Challenges of Finding Remote Jobs in Lagos 

1. Power Wahala

Avoiding Lagos traffic sounds like a win until you start experiencing the downside of working from home - regular power outages. After landing remote jobs in Lagos, get ready to experience power outages that will disrupt your workflow.


2. Competition

As if competing with the Lagos job market is not hard enough, with remote jobs, your competition is global. The statistics on remote workers globally estimate that 22% of the American workforce alone will work remotely by 2025, which is about 36.2 Million people. Standing out in such a big job market takes a lot of work.


3. Internet Speed

Globally, Nigeria ranks 89th in internet speed, with the average download speed being 22.78Mbps. Slow internet speed fit makes remote work frustrating for most. Juggling multiple tasks will be difficult.


How Fuzu Can Help You Find Remote Jobs in Lagos 

Let’s show you how Fuzu can be your remote work plug. The Fuzu platform has inbuilt features that will help you land remote jobs in Lagos.

Here are some of the notable features: 

  • You can upload your CV on Fuzu and apply for remote jobs.

  • Fuzu has an in-built CV generator, which uses your skills, qualifications, and experience to create an updated and professional-looking CV.

  • With an account, you will receive regular updates on job openings that match your qualifications.

  • You can save a job application and apply for it later when ready.

  • When setting up your profile, you can make your profile visible to recruiters and employers seeking candidates with your qualifications.

  • Apart from sharing your profile with the recruiter when applying for a job, the Fuzu platform allows you to write a personalized cover letter to the recruiter before sending your application.

  • Upskill at the click of a button through Fuzu’s learning feature, which offers flexible online classes.

  • Get regular job-related tips that help you grow and learn as an employee or job seeker.

  • The job search feature allows you to look for remote jobs in Lagos.


We don’t just get you remote jobs in Lagos; you can also find international jobs on Fuzu. Imagine working for a tech company in Sweden or doing customer service for a fashion brand in France, all while living in your Lagos house. E sweet, abi? 


5 Companies Hiring Right Now for Remote Jobs in Lagos 

Here are five companies that offer remote jobs in Lagos right now. Apply to any of them on Fuzu:  

1. Fairmoney Nigeria is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets. 

2. Canonical is a UK-based company for anyone dealing in computers and software development

3. Stears is among the world's most trusted sources of African data and insight for global businesses and financial and policy professionals. 

4. Teclight Systems Limited is in the human resource, talent development, and recruiting industry. 

5. Ascentech Services Limited is in the human resource, talent development, and recruiting industry.



Scoring a remote job in Lagos is possible, and Fuzu has your back. Upskill, polish your CV and cover letter, and open Fuzu’s treasure chest of remote jobs in Lagos. Before you know it, you will be lounging in your Lagos house while working for a top company in Europe. Good luck with your remote job hunt.

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Lilian Nerima Musonge

Nerima Musonge is a Lawyer who is passionate about Content Creation and Copywriting. She is constantly trying to broaden her artistic pursuits and find out how they can integrate with the law. When she is not squinting behind a laptop, she is mothering, cracking jokes, and living her best life

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