4 tips for getting hired after an internship

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Employers look for people who can think out of the box and provide innovative solutions. Here are tips on how you can turn your internship to a full time job.

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Seems like only yesterday when you got your internship and now it’s almost coming to an end. The thought of leaving and starting your job search all over again is nerve wrecking. You have become familiar with the company culture and doing work that you love. An interesting idea pops in your mind, “I wouldn’t mind working here full time.” Internships are a great way for companies to fill up a position urgently. Question is, how can you turn your internship to a full time job? Here is how to do it:

1. Create a good impression

It is your responsibility as an intern to show that you have what it takes to fit in the company culture. You could take time to attend online seminars which will help you to better understand more about the company values and missions. Making the most of your internship builds a good impression with the employer and colleagues. To know more on how to do that click here.  

2. Seek input

To know how well your job performance is or what areas you need to improve on, ask for feedback and suggestions. Whether it is from the employer or other coworkers, seek clarifications on what is expected of you. It will go a long way in building your profession and connections within the company.    

3. Offer insight

Very few interns get involved in issues affecting the company yet their ideas could be the solution needed. Employers look for people who can think out of the box and provide innovative solutions. Actively participate by identifying issues and offering long term solutions to improve the company’s operations. This makes you an asset to the company.

4. Express gratitude & interest

The company won’t magically know you want them to offer you a job unless you take the initiative. First begin by showing gratitude to your boss for taking a chance on you and supporting you throughout the internship. Give details on what skills you have learnt as an intern. Next, express your interest to work in the company full time. Let your boss know what you have to offer. If the response is that there isn’t any current positions available, thank them for their time and consideration. Most times they could contact you once a position opens up or even connect you with a company that is offering one.

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    NASASIRA | December 18, 2020 06:07

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    Thank you

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    Wow! Its amazing lesson for me.

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