How COVID-19 has affected job search and how to overcome it.

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Job search will remain uncertain as long as COVID-19 lurks amongst us. Here is how to overcome it. 

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Job search during this lockdown season has proven to be an arduous task. Companies have closed most of their operations if not all and coupled with the slowed chains in the market, it has become hard to identify potential employment opportunities. Many professional in the formal sector have had to contend with temporal unemployment as organizations move to reduce their cost of operations and production.

The number of jobs allowing for remote working are limited to the sectors and departments in information technology, finance and banking - not to mention the mandatory online presence of staff management. And this too has affected job search.

Economies' Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is anticipated to drop and this will have a significant impact on job search. Some companies will move to lay off some of its employees in order to reduce operational costs while others will move to hire more personnel afterwards in a bid to cover for the losses incurred during the pandemic. But until then, job search will remain uncertain as long as COVID-19 lurks amongst us. Here is how to overcome it: -

1.If you are seeking formal employment, it’s important to stay hopeful; keep sending out applications to potential employers without worrying so much about the situation at hand. The few employers who are managing to check and respond to applications are scheduling virtual interviews or phone calls to communicate the best time for actual individual presentation.

2. For those seeking opportunities in the informal sector, it’s imperative to stay calm and minimize movement unless it’s necessary. Applications or an over the phone expression of interest to an employer will suffice. They are most likely to have you come in if an opportunity arises.

3. This is the perfect time to pick up a new skill or put underlying entrepreneurial potential to the test. Skills such as sewing, carpentry, knitting, baking are best utilized now. It's possible to identify potential customers and manage to earn an extra coin but also a worthwhile on the side investment.




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