How to be productive while working from home

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Set a time schedule that will dictate the activities of the day in order to reach optimum productivity and follow your to-do list and ensure that you have checked all of it.

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With the novel Coronavirus situation taking its toll on the nature of work, companies have had no choice but to allow their employees to work from home in compliance with government regulations, which is the best thing to do at this point. Here are 4 tips that will help you be effective as you work from home.

  1. Prepare like you are going to work

Do what you usually do during work days. Wake up, take a shower and dress up. This helps psychologically interpret that it is a work day. Different employees at Fuzu confirmed that waking up and preparing like they have always done when going to the office has helped them focus on their work.

  1. Effective time management

Create a time schedule which will guide the activities of the day. Working at home presents a set of challenges like different people and tasks gunning for your attention. In this sense family and some chores may demand some hours of your time to sort them out. The fact that you are at home means they cannot be delegated.

Therefore, you should set a time schedule that will dictate the activities of the day in order to reach optimum productivity.

  1. Set a working space

Having a dedicated working space that acts as a work desk or office is vitally important when working from home. Apart from psychologically settling your mind to work, a dedicated office at home helps reduce distractions like family, social media etc. Various CEOs like Apple’s Steve Jobs started their multi-billion dollar businesses in garages where they had modified them to be makeshift workspaces.

  1. Be goal oriented

You need to list the things that you need to achieve by end of day. Even while at home KPIs still act as measurable goals therefore you need to come up with ways to achieve them. Get a to-do list and ensure that you feature everything that you need to do no matter what happens. Follow the to-do list and ensure that you have checked all of it.

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    James | May 13, 2020 18:26

    This is one of the best blogs i've read on Fuzu. Sometimes it's difficult to focus amidst all the distractions at home.

    HIRAM | April 05, 2020 10:18

    Very insightful,I usually move away from all possible disractors when working from home

    amos | April 05, 2020 04:58

    Nice one

    Billy | April 03, 2020 21:47

    Wow ! So motivating

    Samson Isaac | March 29, 2020 19:13

    Wow. Appreciate that.

    Michael D. | March 29, 2020 18:53

    This is great, thanks to you. This is a very good advice, and keep on showing us the right path to follow.

    Faith | March 28, 2020 09:44

    Great work and advice!!

    John | March 28, 2020 02:54

    really insightful

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