How to stay motivated in your work and grow your career during the pandemic

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Set daily goals to increase your day to day productivity. You can break down assigned large projects to manageable tasks.

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You are used to waking up early and getting ready to go to work. Now things have changed and your brain is trying to adjust to the fact that your home is now your work place. There are a lot of distractions and your self-motivation might slowly start declining and affecting your work productivity. Focusing on work or studies just seems frustrating. Here are tips to keep you motivated:


Waking up and deciding to do what you feel like won’t get the job done. Write down a daily plan stating the activity and the specific time duration. This will assist you in having a starting point for the next day. Make sure to get up, dress up and get your work space organized. Following through requires self-discipline and commitment.   


Set daily goals to increase your day to day productivity. You can break down assigned large projects to manageable tasks. Ensure the goals are guided by the five characteristics in the S.M.A.R.T acronym. By doing so, you can focus your efforts and use your time efficiently.

Time balance

Working or studying from home can cause an imbalance. One person can easily be sidetracked while another works non-stop. Both are unhealthy. Manage your time by setting aside when to work and breaks. The breaks can be in between like midmorning or midday. Don’t overwork yourself.

Eat & hydrate

In order to function properly both physically and mentally you need to consume nutritious food. Eat fruits like bananas and avocados to keep you energized. Smoothies are also good to take in the morning as energy boosters. Avoid or limit your intake of sugar, salt and fatty foods. It is recommended that you eat fatty fish like tuna which is rich in protein, vitamin B and omegas. This will power you up as you work or study through the afternoon. As for drinks you can substitute caffeine for herbal tea or with water.   

While the job market has been impacted by the pandemic, several sectors are still strong and some already recovering. This is the best time to review and update your CV as we prepare for opportunities that are coming.

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