Tips for Climbing up the Corporate Ladder

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Whatever the case, showing that you’re willing to sacrifice your comfort zone for the sake of the organization can put you in high esteem with your superiors.

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Getting a job is only the first step in developing a progressive careers path. Should you be lucky enough to land a spot with one of your dream companies, then climbing up the various positions available should be your next step. However, this is easier said than done if you don’t have a plan to achieve this objective. 
Getting promoted not only requires hard work, but a level of strategizing to get your manager’s attention. You could be an excellent employee, but if your employer doesn’t recognize your potential – you’re not likely to be considered for vacant positions above your status. Some of the ways you can ensure you remain in contention for such opportunities include: 

Go above and Beyond 
Simply doing your job won’t get you any extra points, as it’s expected of you as an employee. However, how well you do your job is something that can be noticed. Ensuring there are no flaws in your work, for example, portrays the level of your expertise. If you’re designing a presentation, try and make it stand out – instead of creating your everyday report with a drab personality. 

Develop a Relationship with your Superiors 
How well you get along with your boss can also play a significant role in the potential progress you enjoy at your job. This doesn’t mean you have to suck up to your superiors, but rather develop a friendly working relationship with those around you. This can be easily achieved by maintaining a cordial correspondence whenever you’re interacting with your superiors and coworkers. 

Step up and Volunteer 
Taking on roles and responsibilities that others are afraid of can show the confidence you have in your abilities, as well as make a noticeable difference that will be appreciated by your manager. The task may involve additional work that requires you to sacrifice your free time or involve tricky processes that require significant levels of attention and effort to accomplish. Whatever the case, showing that you’re willing to sacrifice your comfort zone for the sake of the organization can put you in high esteem with your superiors.

Make your Ambitions Known 
Some companies offer their employees the opportunity to apply for vacant positions that arise within the organization before seeking an external replacement. You should never shy away from grabbing these chances with both hands. Your employers should have no confusion about your future plans pertaining to the organization. 
Even in cases where an official call for applications has not been posted, take the bull by the horns and send an application either way. The main aim of such action is to ensure that your superiors are aware of your active wish to progress through the ranks. 


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