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Fighting depression & anxiety associated with Coronavirus; expert tips by Wazi.

If you need help, ask for it from your support system. It is a sign of strength. Be positive

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If you need help, ask for it from your support system. It is a sign of strength. Be positive

How can one best combat fear of the unknown in these rather volatile and unpredictable times where we are not sure what tomorrow will look like?

I'm glad that you are aware not only that you have fear but that it's specific the fear of the unknown. Awareness of one's internal process is fundamental to enjoying mental health. The key here is to understand that our need for control is the source of the disturbances (fear of the unknown) and not so much about the event. It's important to accept that control is limited in this case, do what you can e.g. wash hands, keep social distance etc and leave the rest. Also, engage in positive self talk, exercise and eat a balanced diet

Am alone too, plus I live far from my parents. I am totally depressed because of this issue of Coronavirus, what would you advice?

Being alone is not synonymous to being lonely. Depression is brought about by feelings of helplessness and resignation. Engaging in activities that curtail this feelings will help. Reach out to friends and family through the available platforms. Remember that being far from your parents although sad is the best way to protect them now. 

Not going out (not being able to see anyone), loans and being unable to provide every meal for my family for some time now - what is the best way to avoid depression?

Not going out may be a challenge, remind yourself that the benefits outweigh the loses and that it's temporal. Financial situations require communication. Try and talk to your financial partners on an arrangement that will enable you to meet your financial obligations in the current environment. Also talk to your family on the challenges you are facing and the necessary changes that have to be put in place. Communication in an open manner does wonders. If you need help, ask for it from your support system. It is a sign of strength. Be positive.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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