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Fuzu’s COO, "I don’t hire candidates who don’t ask questions during interviews, here’s why"

Wondering why it is important to ask questions during interviews? I’ll tell you what most recruiters won’t tell you about job interviews.

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Wondering why it is important to ask questions during interviews? I’ll tell you what most recruiters won’t tell you about job interviews.

Asking questions during interviews says a lot about a candidate. A candidate proves the value they carry by the kind of interview questions they ask. That is why I don’t hire candidates who don’t ask questions during interviews.

Questions reveal three things:

  1. That the person has done enough research about the company

  2. That they were engaged during the interview process

  3. That the candidate can bring value to our company if we give them the opportunity

Let me break it down for you and share interview questions that I find to be intriguing. 


1. Research about the company

When you ask specific questions about our company, it shows you are interested in working with us. The kinds of questions you ask reveal the lengths you have gone to know more about our company. That way we can entrust you with the opportunity because you have proven your desire to work with us.

Check out the following examples of interview questions that show your knowledge of the company.

How has your business model changed since you began five years ago? Why did you change it?

This question simply shows that you have delved into our history and you have equipped yourself with details of how our business works. Therefore, we won’t have to waste a lot of time explaining our company to you. Onboarding will be easier on our Human Resource team because you are up to speed. The other facet to this is that you could also see areas where we could improve and suggest them to us.

Of all the five products that you offer, do you plan on diversifying or improving your offerings and why?

One of the most vital components of a company is the product or service it offers. You almost can’t separate a company from its products. A question about our products and services proves that you know what our business is all about.

You target the entry-level employees and middle-level job seekers how do you plan on catering to experienced workers and C-Suite level employees?

Our customers are the primary reason why we are in business. It shows me that when I entrust you with the role you know exactly who our target consumer is and you’ll help our company serve our clients better because you are well acquainted with them.


2. Bringing value to our company

How do you think the company defines and demonstrates its values (you can mention some of the company values)?

This simply proves that you’re well acquainted with the internal workings of the company and you’re trying to see how they align with your values. It also proves that you have done your homework about our organization.

What qualities and attributes does a successful employee of this company possess?

When a candidate is interested in finding out what success means to me and our company, they have proven that they’re determined to succeed if they get the job. It’s one of the ways I know that an interviewee will be a good fit for the company.

How is the company becoming better over time?

As an interviewer, I can see that the growth and progress of our company is on your mind. Therefore, we can trust you with helping us achieve our goals.

What are some of the challenges the company is facing right now and how is it addressing them?

Business is not always rosy nor is it a walk in the park. A candidate who acknowledges that simple fact exhibits the kind of person we would need when the going becomes rocky for us as a business. My responses to this question could also provide insights to the interviewer on our goals and ambitions.

What makes people stay at this company?

Asking this question during interviews is brilliant because it challenges our work culture and shows that we’re dealing with a smart person. You want to work with a smart and bright person because you can expect growth, innovation and progress.

What team will I be placed in and who will I be reporting to?

This interview question shows that a candidate was engaged throughout the interview process and is keen on learning the team structure. It only further shows that they are interested in filling the role. Furthermore, it also points us to the fact that they are a team player.

Are there opportunities for training and progression within the company?

It’s always pleasurable to work with a forward-thinking and progress-driven employee. This kind of question shows that a candidate is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they are growing. On a larger scale, the company will grow as its manpower grows.

in conclusion...

Asking questions during interviews is very important because it shows that an interviewee has potential. Since we don’t know them well yet, how they engage and show interest in our company is a green flag. The first impression matters and weighs heavily on whether they get the job offer or not. Be bold and ask questions.

Got an interview coming up? Here are questions you can ask during the interview. 

Written by

Wahome Ngatia

Peter Wahome Ngatia is an all rounded Marketing Specialist who deals in Graphic Design, Social Media, SEO and Content Writing. My passion is to use my skills and knowledge to help African businesses grow and thrive so that we can create employment for the youth. I also want to churn helpful content that inspires millennials to go hard after their dreams. Mantra: You learn more from failure than success.

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