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My growth story: realizing my true potential on Fuzu; Faith Nasaka.

I have been linked with employers who have helped me grow professionally


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I have been linked with employers who have helped me grow professionally



My name is Faith Nasaka, I’m a Transport Excellence Associate at Lori Systems. I’m passionate about logistical operations and being around positive people building themselves. I’m glad to be in such an environment at the moment. I also love to read, develop myself, and solo travel!

I discovered Fuzu in 2014 and it has helped me grow diversely in regard to career development. There are wonderful articles on their site, online courses and I like the fact that I can call to seek guidance from a career coach. There’s also a wide variety of legit opportunities posted on their jobs portal.

My greatest challenge was coping with new employment and getting the best career or job that suited my strengths and interests. I would often reach out to Fuzu to confirm a few details that needed clarification such as employer expectations. This provided a better understanding and client and the motivation and push to always focus on my goals and professional development. Their professionalism and focus beats it all.

The most important lesson that I learned during job searching was the importance of customizing my CV and cover letter for every job that I applied for. Highlighting strengths and experiences to match what an employer is looking for can prove to be challenging but Fuzu provides a platform where one’s CV and cover letter are well updated and all relevant information is well captured, which is a plus for job seekers.

I’ve also come to appreciate the fact that there’s always a particular job that suits one’s strengths and abilities; you don’t have to apply for every other job. While job searching, focus on your career development and professional growth as opposed to money.

I would definitely recommend Fuzu to my peers because it is easy to use, genuine and professional. I have been linked with employers who have helped me grow professionally and that is something I owe to them.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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