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Customer feedback is an important, whether it's praise-inflated or blithering cold.

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Customer feedback is an important, whether it's praise-inflated or blithering cold.

Up to 8 hours, no stain no check. Plinks any bells? Those words have been widely used in ads by arguably one of the most popular brands when it comes to women’s products, Always. But up until recently, the popularity of the brand in terms of uniqueness and quality is taking shots, plunging down to disgrace? You tell me.

Twitter was on fire with the hashtag #MyAlwaysExperience, riled up customers staining the ‘no stain no check’ company with accusations of treating a certain group of customers better than the other. Get on board already, here’s the nub of the accusations. Always has allegedly been accused of providing better quality pads to the western but low quality ones to Africa.

The mood on twitter experienced an upheaval with ticked off customers expressing their frustrations and asking for answers. Here are some of the tweets.

From the social uproar directed to Always, there’re a number of critical questions we can ask and an education we can get. ‘Quality is King’, how important is that statement to a company? Why is it wise to treat all customers equally, and how important is it to take customer feedback with all the seriousness that can be grasped?

Quality is king

Quality builds trust with your customers and if you can have their trust, then your business is something to smile about. Matter-of-fact, most people won’t quiz a slightly higher price than substitute products as long as the brand they stretch their arms to pick up from the shelves and toss into carts is of great quality.

Any company or business person on a mission to make profits while quenching thirsts of customers understands that quality must be part of his equation. Our take home? Quality brings your business the upper hand and creates customer loyalty.


All customers should be treated equally, without giving others the high table and leaving the rest below the salt. Let’s think about it this way. In your company mission and vision, do you have boundaries or is your impact the same across all humanity? For any brand, the quality of products or services should not be compromised when it comes to a certain group of people. What that clearly screams out is that you value some of your customers more than others. That won’t look good on your brand.

Accept feedback

We may not know whether the allegations are true or false or whether it’s the first time the company is getting feedback. But the best way for Always to handle this is to sit down, cock their ears and keenly listen. Why? Customer feedback is an important, whether it's praise-inflated or blithering cold.

Feedback enables a business to know best performing areas and come up with strategies to sustain the praise, and also points to loopholes that need to be tightened.

While being hopeful that the cause of the outrage involving Always will be handled and all customers shall be smiling soon, we’re happy we found lessons to bag. Chao.  

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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