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Women trailblazers who were the 'firsts'

Highlight of the week (HOW)! - Catch your biggest stories here.

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Highlight of the week (HOW)! - Catch your biggest stories here.

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With International Women’s day approaching so fast, we thought you’d love to hear stories of women who were trailblazers in their fields as we celebrate the life of Katherine Johnson - the black woman whose calculations put the first man on the Moon. The following are women pioneers who made a huge impact in the world:-

Lupita Nyong’o

The first Kenyan to win an Oscar. She won an Oscar for best supporting actress in Steve McQueen’s 12 years a slave in 2016.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

She was the first female politician to be elected as a Head of State in Africa. She was elected as the 24th Liberian President in 2006 and reigned till 2018 when she handed over to former Ballon D’Or winner George Weah.

Brigid Kosgey

Broke the Boston Marathon record and the first black woman to beat Paula Radcliffe’s 2:15:25 record to run 2:14:04 in 2019. Kosgei says she was inspired by World Champion and record holder Eliud Kipchoge. She won the race the next day after Kipchoge ran a marathon under two hours.

Oprah Winfrey

The first black woman to become a billionaire and is currently worth more than 2 billion Dollars today. She is also the  first black woman to own and produce her own talk show in the United States.

Wangari Mathai

The first African Woman to receive a Nobel Peace prize "her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace".  Though she died, she is still considered a hero for her activism and efforts to conserve the environment.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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